Essential tips on Safe Puppy Shipping and Transportation

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Puppy Shipping is not as challenging as it sounds, since you need to take care of only a limited number of things. Primarily, you should find a container or a crate that will suit your puppy. The variables here are the make of the container, the exact size that you require, what things it should accommodate, and obviously the price. It should allow enough ventilation without causing any kind of discomfort for the puppy. If traveling by plane, airline officials will help you with answers to the following questions:  what specification is acceptable for the container? Will the airline accept you’re pet on the date you want to travel? The officials will also inform you how much you need to pay for shipping costs. They will also assist you in finding out whether your puppy can travel with you or whether it should be carried along with other cargo.


Puppy Shipping must be made as easy as possible on your puppy if you can familiarise your pet with the container it will be housed in. Plan everything in such a way that you allow enough time for formalities at the airport. Do not keep your puppy hungry and make sure that it is fed well in advance. Your puppy should have access to a sufficient amount of water too. Plan whether the travel will suit your puppy, since hot and cold conditions will need different pre-preparations. You may think that it is good to sedate the puppy. However, you must know that your airlines will prohibit you from sedating it to prevent causing any harm.

Don’t forget that your puppy must have identity details included so that in case someone finds it if it gets lost, he will be able to return it to you easily. At the airport, you must also produce the certificate of health ensuring that the puppy is not suffering from any ailment. Also, make sure that your puppy has been given whatever vaccine was supposed to be given. Your airlines will permit you to retain the puppy with you, but you should not assume this and so it is better to clarify if in prior. Do not try to ship sick pets, as you will end up worsening the pet’s condition. If your puppy is not 8 weeks old, you cannot ship them by air.

Puppy Shipping can prove to be an easy task when you know that you have covered the important details. You have to ensure that the puppy is shipped safely. Generally, the main cause of concern while shipping animals is their solitary confinement for several hours at a stretch. Thus, you have to help the animal relax and become used to the shipping. You will have questions concerning various matters and you should clarify these with others who have already shipped their pet animals. If you follow the tips mentioned above, it will make for safe and happy shipping.  


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  1. Anyone who has flown a puppy in an airline carrier tucked under their seat in the passenger cabin probably laughed (or groaned) at the advice to keep the puppy fed and watered for travel. That must have come from someone who has never had to clean a soiled puppy & carrier in the confines of an onboard restroom with wet wipes while their fellow passengers gagged on the stench. Anything other than fasting the pup before and during transit of 24 hrs or less is a fool’s gamble.

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