On the Road with the Pets: A CitizenShipper Driver’s Experience

Cagri Sarigoz Cagri Sarigoz · Updated November 28, 2023

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Kenneth, enjoying his time with a furry client

Meet Kenneth Joseph Hawkins – a dedicated pet transportation specialist who has built a rewarding flexi-career around his love for animals. Book trustworthy, animal-loving drivers like Kenneth on the CitizenShipper pet transportation marketplace.

Getting Started with CitizenShipper

Like many others, Kenneth discovered CitizenShipper on Facebook. Intrigued by an opportunity that allows him to get paid for spending time with cats and dogs, he jumped on board. “It’s been pretty awesome… nothing better?” Kenneth says, reflecting on his decision to join CitizenShipper.

First Trip Jitters and Memorable Shipment Stories

Kenneth admits to being nervous on his first trip. However, after that initial run, he found his comfort zone. “All of the shipments have given me good memories,” he shares.

Safety and Comfort: Non-negotiables for Kenneth

When it comes to ensuring safety and comfort on the journey, Kenneth spares no effort. He uses a 2021 Nissan Sentra and ensures all pets are kenneled for safety. His concern for pet safety extends to meticulous planning and checks, which are part of his routine.

Navigating the Highways

While Kenneth doesn’t mind the occasional change of scenery, he has a clear preference for routes below the I-40 freeway as it presents fewer complications due to snow. He handles unforeseen road closures by opting for alternate routes or patience until the way is clear again.

Mastering the Art of Communication

Kenneth stresses the importance of regular communication during journeys. He remains in constant touch with pet owners, providing frequent updates during breaks. All through text, which provides tangible proof of interactions.

Coaching and Continuous Improvement

Despite not participating in coaching calls, Kenneth proactively sought out advice to improve his bidding strategy. Keeping a level head and being yourself are some keys to success that he adheres to. He also advocates for the benefits of coaching calls, believing they can be instrumental in relieving stress and improving customer interaction skills.

Goals and Future Plans

Kenneth’s immediate goal is to earn more from his fun-filled job with CitizenShipper. Though he has no plans to expand his services right now, he keeps the possibilities for the future open.

Earning and Learning from Reviews

With a no-negative-review track record thus far, Kenneth knows the value of positive feedback. He regularly requests reviews, understanding that they can boost his business and unlock more opportunities.

Preparing for the Unexpected

Being prepared for unexpected situations is part of the job for Kenneth. His essential emergency supplies include a first aid kit, fire extinguisher and 24/7 access to a vet.

The Rewards and the Road

The most rewarding part of his job, according to Kenneth, is the variety. Every new pet he gets to spend time with and each new place he travels to gives him unique satisfaction. Particularly touching was the unforgettable moment when he witnessed the Grand Canyon in all its glory.

Final Thoughts on Pet Transportation

When we asked if there’s anything he wishes he knew before he started, he notes that improving communication skills was key. Over time, he has mastered this, leading to better experiences with clients. Nevertheless, he finds CitizenShipper a rewarding platform that provides him both income and enjoyable working hours in the company of pets – his favorite kind of clients.

We hope Kenneth’s story inspires you to discover the potential and freedom that CitizenShipper offers. Whether you’re a pet lover like Kenneth or passionate about something else, CitizenShipper is a platform that allows you to turn passion into a profitable and delightful pursuit.