How Do I Move My Pet? Easy Pet Transportation Options

CitizenShipper CitizenShipper · Updated March 8, 2023

Many individuals struggle with the thought of how do I “move my pet”, that will provide a safe and easy solution while relocating. Moving a pet from one location to another can be a challenging event for any family relocating, or taking a long vacation. Typically, transporting a pet in a plane or car can be highly uncomfortable for the animal. Understanding all the available options, including using a professional pet transporter, can make the process easier on the pet and the family.

Transporting by Vehicle

Professional pet transporter couriers are available to move a dog, cat or any pet from one location to another. Typically, the transport involves a adequately sized and comfortable kennel. The animal is picked up at one destination, and delivered to the other as quickly as possible. These couriers will usually hold a USDA license and only transport pets in vehicles that are climate-control.

Transporting by Air

Transporting any pet by air courier service is a fast, safe solution that reduces the amount of stress on the pet. If the animal is small, they can be taken on board by a professional handler and have a comfortable ride inside the cabin of the airliner during transport. These courier services will deliver the pet to the door at the final destination. Sometimes, these trips may include extensive layovers. Larger pets can be transported in the pressurized climate controlled cargo area in the plane.

Moving to a Different Country

Moving to or from a different country is imperative to move the pet along with the family. Pet traveling involves a variety of paperwork including a health certificate that is filled out by the local veterinarian. Some pet transportation options include the need to quarantine the animal when arriving in or from certain countries. Typically, the pet will need to be inspected by the country’s customs service when departing and arriving. Pet services can handle a large variety of these issues, making the process much simpler.

While shipping a pet is something that any owner of a pet can do themselves, there are services for hire that make the process much easier and less stressful for everyone involved. These pet shipping services can relocate animals to nearly any destination in the world. They can assist families in knowing that they can “move my pet” by handling all the arrangements and paperwork necessary for the relocation.