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So you are leaving for a career building seminar on conservation; but you don’t want to leave your dear “Poochie”, your pet Chihuahua under professional care! You want to take her along with you – great idea! But you must remember to get her trained and accustomed to an IATA approved shipping crate.

 IATA (International Air Transport Association) does not make, sell or endorse any particular brand of crates for live animal transfers. However it has laid down guidelines on how to transfer live animals through air transport which many governments have integrated in their laws and thus have made them mandatory.


Not only does IATA approved crates conform to prescribed formats and dimensions but also possess other features  also required by the guidelines; like food and water trough in the crates that are outwardly reachable and adequate ventilation.


The other guidelines that deal with such live animal transfers pertain to multiple animals being flown together. IATA maintains that only two live puppies or kittens can be put together in an IATA approved crate provided they are 8 weeks to six months old, are of more less equal size and weigh 20 lbs or less. More or less all animal transfers follow the same rule because animals tend to become resistive and hostile in environments that are unfamiliar to them.


Airlines also have their own rules as to the number of animals they can allow in the cabin so in case you want “Poochie” with you in the cabin, you better notify the airlines much before your departure.

However if animals are being sent unattended, a certificate from a bona fide physician stating its complete health and fitness certificate is obligatory. Don’t worry if your little “darling” is still not allowed in the cabin, he or she will be far better in the dark, heated, and well ventilated special baggage hold.


In some cases additional food packets with feeding instructions have to be attached with the IATA approved crate. However animal shippers are professionals and know how to deal with your four legged friends. They pick up the pets, keep them in their custody till the time of departure and deliver them at the predetermined point.


Just like pets have to be house trained; they have to get accustomed IATA approved shipping crates.

It is better to provide your pets with the crate about a month or two before your departure and get it used to being locked up in it.


Accessories like the crate or cage fan are now available for pets that are the apple of their master’s eye. These clip-on fans allow the pets in need of cool breeze to be comfortable and be able to endure the hardships of air travel. Snub nosed dogs like pugs, bulldogs and Pekinese may benefit from such accessories because they have problem in regulating their own body temperature in hot weather.


IATA approved shipping crates should not be used for animals in drugged or sedated condition, IATA does not approve of use of sedatives on flights due to possibility of adverse reactions in animals. So no need to feel lonely without your pets even while taking vacations outside your home town, now you have IATA approved crates to carry your pets in!


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