How to ship a golf cart? [Complete guide]

CitizenShipper CitizenShipper · Updated March 8, 2023

Golf Cart Parked on a Golf Course

What seems to be a daunting task can be easy with the right knowledge. If you are wondering how to ship a golf cart? You are in the right place, here is the complete guide to shipping a golf cart. 

DIY shipping options

If you don’t have to move your cart too far or you are up for a road trip, you might consider organizing a DIY transport. 

Use a pickup truck

It is quite possible to transport your golf cart with a pickup truck. No matter if it’s your own, a borrowed, or rented truck, you can load a cart on the truck within half an hour with the right technique and equipment. Besides the truck and the golf cart, you need aluminum ramps and nylon straps. Install the ramp to the back of the truck, so it’s as wide as the space between the tires – just keep in mind that the size of the truck determines the width of the ramps you need. Start the golf cart and drive it over the ramps onto the back of the truck. If it’s a standard truck, closing the doors may be difficult or not possible, so you may need to tie them in place. If you have access to an extended bed truck, use it. Use the nylon straps to keep the cart secure. Wrap them around the golf carts secure loading points and fix them at both sides and the front of the truck. Make 100% sure that the construction of the straps is stable and secure. It’s essential to buy high-quality material when investing in aluminum ramps and nylon straps, or you can easily damage your vehicle. Once everything is secured, you can start your journey. Take it slow and steady. 

Use a trailer

You can go with a similar strategy by using a trailer, which is big enough for the golf cart. Instead of using a ramp, you may have a trailer that has a ramp that folds out, or again use aluminum ramps and tie with straps or a similar safe material. Keep in mind, that driving with a trailer can be challenging for inexperienced drivers and that parking can be an issue. 

Work with a moving company

If navigating a cart up a ramp or driving with a trailer is not for you, then you might consider working with professional movers. This is the most secure option because these people know their job and therefore know how to keep your golf cart safe and in good shape. However, there are a few things to consider!

Open or enclosed carrier?

The most common and affordable option is shipping your golf cart in an open carrier. While this is the cheapest option and enough for an average golf cart, your vehicle is exposed to external elements, like wind, rain, and cold. You shouldn’t worry too much, because most open carrier shippings are safe. Suppose you have a premium or vintage cart or extraordinary weather circumstances during your shipping days. In that case, you should consider paying a higher price for closed carrier transport. 

Finding the right shipping company

After you decided to work with a moving company, you might struggle to decide which company is the right one.

Get quotes!

Let’s first have a look at how to find a reasonable price. The best way to find an affordable moving company is to contact any of them and ask them for quotes, so you get a sense of how much golf cart shipping costs. Even if you already have your eyes on the moving company of your dreams, it can be useful to collect alternative offers to bargain the price down. Attention: The cost of the shipping will vary depending on the time of the year. If you can, avoid shipping your golf cart when the demand is high!

Make sure they offer door-to-door service

While door-to-door should be standard, some companies have pick-up and drop-off points. Ask the shipping companies that you consider working with about their shipping options. While usually door-to-door is the handiest and best solution, terminal-based providers with fixed shipping routes are often less pricey. If you’re on a tight budget and have alternative possibilities to pick up and drop off the golf cart at the terminal, it might make sense to consider this kind of mixture between DIY and moving companies. 

Make sure they are licensed, insured, and experienced

Before you decide on a company, ask the shippers directly about which licenses and which insurance they have to transport golf carts. Check the Internet for reviews, because they will reveal the experiences other customers had with the shipping services of the moving company. If you discover bad ratings, look at how the company solved the issue. It will give you a sense of the quality of customer service. 

Consider working with a marketplace based provider

A company like CitizenShipper has a significant advantage in that it combines many things at once. The competition of the marketplace structure inherently keeps the price down. You can post your shipping and the platform connects to professional drivers, which will contact you with offers. With your post, you can precisely describe everything about your golf cart as well as how when and where you want it transported. You can discuss the transport details directly with the drivers themselves. On each of the drivers’ profiles, you can see reviews by past customers, which guarantee you the work quality of each driver.

We wish you good luck with your cart shipping and a good game of golf!