How to Pack When You’re Two Weeks From Moving

CitizenShipper CitizenShipper · Updated January 16, 2024

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Moving day is coming closer – just two more weeks to go. You have to multitask the logistics and the paperwork around your move as well as your regular daily social, family, and work-life! Packing and moving is often a stressful process and a heck of a lot of work, but if you make a good schedule and keep a few tips in mind, this daunting task can be much easier and dare we say fun!  This article will provide you with a step-by-step plan, for a relaxed preparation plan for the last two weeks before you move. We start on day 1 and move towards day 14 — i.e. moving day!

Day 1-2: Time to Start Preparing

Day 1 and 2 are all about buying items and being on the phone.

Buy and/or Gather Moving Materials:

  • Moving boxes (Note: Sometimes moving companies include moving boxes in their service. Ask about what your moving company offers.)
  • Permanent markers for labeling.
  • Packing materials such as newspaper or bubble wrap.
  • Moving blankets, or alternatively other blankets you have in your household, and old big towels for the protection of your items.
  • Tape and bungee cord for stabilizing and fixating.
  • Trash bags.
  • Handy extra: Ziplock bag and mattress bags.

Make Travel Arrangements 

If you can’t stay directly at your new house on the night of moving, organize a place to stay close by. If you’re making a DIY interstate move and the traveling distance is too long for one day of driving, check the map for a good spot for an overnight break – maybe it’s a great moment to visit a friend halfway. If you need accommodation for any of these reasons, you should book it now!

Call Utility Companies and Internet/Phone Provider

Remember to tell your utility companies and your internet provider that you are moving. Check if your provider offers the possibility to transfer your address online. They may require you to call them, and if you rented the router you might need to return it to a local branch office. If you can’t transfer your service ask your real-estate at your new home for a recommendation for a good service provider for your new area. Some providers will require ten days’ notice before they can install a new internet connection. 

Check your Insurance

Check if your current insurance is protecting your property during the travel from one house to the other. If it doesn’t, which is quite common, you might consider buying special moving insurance, so in case something happens, your belongings are not without protection.

Arrange Support for the Moving Day

Moving requires a lot of physical work, so you should ask your friends and your family for help on the big moving day. It’s important to ask in time, so they can put the date in their calendar. If your friends don’t have time or you don’t know that many people at your new home, you might consider hiring professional movers to support you.

Day 3-4: Organize your Space

Before you start the main packing process, you should organize your flat and belongings.

Create a Designated Packing Area

Identify the room you use the least, i.e. your guest room or garage, and transform it into a designated packing area. Make sure there is a space here to stack all the already packed boxes. (This may require packing up some items in this room before.) Also, you should create a space in this room where you continuously gather all of the packing material, like tools and tape, because there is nothing more annoying than searching for your screwdriver in the middle of a mess of half-filled boxes. 

Make a List of Items You DON’T Want to Move

Before going into packing craziness, it is important to get an overview of belongings you don’t want to pack into the moving truck, items you want to sort out or objects, you need until the last minute. Set all of these things aside, so they accidentally don’t end up deep in a box. Be aware, that many professional movers have a long list of items they won’t or are not allowed to take – Ask your provider for a list if you work with a moving company. If there are objects you don’t want to take with you, check out your local online marketspaces or research possibilities for donation. 

Plan for the Room Transfer

Go through each room and note where your belongings will go in your future home. Having a plan for the transfer will help you to pack systematically and will make the unpacking process much easier.

Days 5-10: Intense Packing

There is no way around it — it’s time to pack. 

Pack What You Rarely Need First

You should start with the belongings you rarely need and pack your way to the items you need in your everyday life. We suggest you go room by room. Make sure that you bring time and patience to wrap all of your fragile belongings, so everything arrives safely in your new home.

Label Everything

Good labeling is the key to an organized move. Write on every box and piece of furniture which room it came from and in which room it should go in your new home. This will make the job at your new home much easier. It’s also very important that you label all of the boxes, which are filled with fragile items as such, and mark with arrows, which side of the box should show upwards.

Day 11-14: The Finish Line

Just a few more steps during your final days.

Pack a Bag for Important Belongings and Overnight Essentials

Create a bag with belongings, especially valuable items, that you prefer to transport personally instead of putting it in a truck. You should also make an overnight bag for essential items that you need in the last days before the move and in the first days in your new home. 

Prepare Snacks and Drinks for the Big Day

Whether it’s professional movers or your friends – everyone loves snacks and needs to stay hydrated. This keeps the mood and energy up!

Cleaning is the Last Hurdle

Start to give your flat a deep clean in these last days so it’s a welcoming home for whoever arrives next. If you have to paint the walls as part of your rental agreement, this will be the right time. Make sure you leave some cleaning essentials out for when the flat is empty and give the house the last vacuum clean to finalize.

We wish you good luck with your move and a great time in your new home!