How-To: CitizenShipper Launches New Vehicles & Trailers Feature 

Matt Matasci Matt Matasci · Updated: June 20, 2023 / Published: June 14, 2022
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At CitizenShipper, we’re always looking to improve our marketplace and the user experience for drivers and shippers. We recently launched a new Vehicles & Trailers feature for driver profiles. The goal of this feature is to better connect customers and transporters for all types of shipping jobs.

Whether you drive a GMC Sierra for hauling boats or a Mercedes Sprinter for animal transport, this new feature allows you to add detailed information about every vehicle and trailer you use as a driver on CitizenShipper. It replaces the simple, free-text Vehicles field on your profile. Now, when shippers view your profile they can refer to information about your vehicles and trailers before making a decision about booking your services. 

The feature is simple and easy to use, but there can be a learning curve when we make updates. Because we want every driver on CitizenShipper to succeed as quickly as possible, we’ve created this how-to article, providing step-by-step instructions on optimizing this exciting marketplace feature. 

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How a Driver on CitizenShipper Can Optimize the Vehicles & Trailers Feature

The first step a driver on CitizenShipper should take to access the Vehicles & Trailers Feature is to click the gearbox on their profile.

Step 1. Click on the Gear Icon

The first step in using the new Vehicles & Trailers Feature is accessing it! The feature is located in the Settings menu on your driver profile. First, click on the gear icon at the top right corner of your profile.

Next, click settings.

Step 2. Enter the Settings Menu

Once you click the gear icon, a drop-down menu will appear. There you will see Settings, which you’ll click to access a larger menu on the left side of your profile. 

Then, from the Settings menu the CitizenShipper driver should click Vehicles & Trailers.

Step 3. Select Vehicles & Trailers

After clicking on Settings, you’ll see several options on the left side menu. There, you’ll click on Vehicles & Trailers. This brings you to a new webpage where you can add and customize the vehicles and trailers you use for transportation. 

The Vehicles & Trailers page allows you to specify how often you rent a vehicle and Add equipment.

Step 4. How to Navigate the Vehicles & Trailers Feature

The Vehicle & Trailers page is the hub where you can begin to add to your profile. First, you’ll see a question about rental vehicles. How often do you rent vehicles for transportation? You can choose between never, rarely and often.

Below this question is a section called Your vehicles list. This is the home for all of your vehicles and trailers. To add a new vehicle or trailer, simply hit the Add button.

Once you’ve clicked Add, you can choose to Add Passenger Vehicles or Add Trailer

*Important Note: If you’re using the Vehicles & Trailers Feature for the first time and have previously populated the vehicles section, a pop up message will appear after clicking Add. This message is to inform you that any information in the older free-text vehicles section will be replaced by the new entry. 

You have the option to Cancel and continue to use the old system, or select Delete to continue to the new Vehicles & Trailers section. If you haven’t previously populated the vehicles section, this pop up message will not appear.

A CitizenShipper driver can input all of the details about their vehicle on the Add a Passenger Vehicle page.

Step 5. Adding a Vehicle

Every transporter on CitizenShipper has at least one vehicle they use for shipping, so we’ll start there. When you click Add and select Add Passenger Vehicles, you’ll arrive at a form to input each of the passenger vehicles you use for work on CitizenShipper. Fields on the Add a Passenger Vehicle section include:

  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Vehicle Type (SUV, truck, sedan, etc.)
  • Color
  • Details

Use the Details field to highlight any special attributes of the vehicle. This is where you can really demonstrate how your business equipment sets you apart from the competition. 

To the right of the form is a section where you can Add Photos. You should take pictures of your vehicle from different angles. Include shots of the interior, USDA crates you use for pet shipping and any other special equipment. Once again, the goal is to stand out from your competitors by providing customers with a higher level of service.  

*Important Note: After you’ve completed the form, don’t forget to hit Save at the bottom of the page!

A CitizenShipper driver can input all of the details about their trailer on the Add a Trailer page.

Step 6. Adding a Trailer

Let’s say you specialize in motorcycle shipping and you want to highlight your trailer. After you select Add Trailer, you’ll be taken to a form where you can specify the details of your equipment. Fields on the Add a Trailer page include:

  • Trailer Type
  • Length
  • Width
  • Make
  • Model
  • Details

Use the Details field to highlight any special attributes of the trailer. Customers will want to understand what capabilities your trailer has and what makes it unique. Again, this section is your opportunity to show how your equipment offerings make you the best choice for shipping customers.

The Add Trailers page also has a field for adding photos of your equipment. Try to add photos from different angles and any special equipment you use to transport motorcycles, boats, vehicles or other bulky items. 

How the Vehicles & Trailers Feature Appears to Customers

Now that you have added vehicles and trailers to your profile using the new feature, it’s time to make sure your customers see them! Vehicles and Trailers will appear on the profile just below your Photos and above your Verifications

Every driver on CitizenShipper using this feature should encourage customers to click on the icons to access the Vehicle Details. This will give them a better understanding of your vehicles and trailers. 

After the customer clicks on the Vehicle or Trailer icon, they’re taken to a page where they can select a vehicle or trailer icon. Once an icon is selected, customers can read specific details about the vehicle or trailer. This page also displays the photos you’ve uploaded. 

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Taking full advantage of the useful new Vehicles & Trailers Feature gives you a leg up over competing drivers on CitizenShipper. Log into your profile today and start adding your vehicles and trailers!

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