How to Build a Puppy Kit for Your Customers

Matt Matasci Matt Matasci · Updated February 23, 2024

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A puppy’s transition to a new home is a big step for both the animal and the new owner. One easy way breeders can ease the transition is with a thoughtfully prepared puppy kit.

There’s no one-size-fits-all rule to what a puppy kit should look like or what should be included. This post will help you get an idea of what items breeders typically add to their puppy kits and why you should include them.

What is a Puppy Kit?

Most experienced breeders will already be familiar with a puppy kit, but those that are just getting started in the industry may want a primer. Essentially, a puppy kit is a care package that you provide with the buyer at the time of the final transaction.

Breeders aren’t legally required to provide a puppy kit — though some of the documentation is required — but most ethical breeders provide one. It’s highly recommended that you provide a kit to every buyer, but it’s particularly important if they’re a first-time puppy buyer.

Why Should I Build a Puppy Kit?

You should build a puppy kit to ensure the dog’s successful transition between homes. You should consider the task of building a puppy kit a fun aspect of breeding. You’re setting up your buyers with everything they need to take care of their new pet at its forever home.

If the buyer is planning on using the puppy to build their own breeding business or as a show prospect, it’s your opportunity to act as a mentor to the new owner. There’s a lot that goes into being a successful and ethical breeder. Your advice and guidance can go a long way in helping the buyer succeed in these endeavors and, as a result, establish a strong legacy for your own business.

What Should I Include in the Kit?

There are no set rules on what you should include in a puppy kit and how much it costs — generally though, the more a client pays the more expensive and expansive the kit. Some suggestions for the puppy kit include:

  • Information about the puppy’s routine and usual care needs.
  • Enough food for the first few days at home — make sure the food is the same brand you fed the puppy.
  • A chart that indicates when the owner should increase feeding amounts as the puppy grows.
  • Coupons from food and treat manufacturers.
  • Literature on raising a puppy.
  • Toys — for inspiration, here are 12 of our favorite dog toys.
  • Tips on training, housebreaking and sleeping.
  • Gear like a puppy collar, a leash and a new toy.
  • An old toy that has the scent of the puppy’s mother and littermates.
  • A list of recommended groomers, vets and training classes.
  • Consider gifting a year of a premium pet subscription service, such as Wag! Members of their premium service get free vet chat services, don’t have to pay booking fees, and get 10% off services like walks, drop-ins, pet sitting, boarding, training and more.
  • Recommended pet apps.

Important Documents to Include in a Puppy Kit

Registration Papers

Registration papers are important because they can only be issued by a certified breeder. Providing these papers is one important way to show the buyer you’re an ethical and responsible breeder.

  • Registration papers include a unique registration number for a kennel club, working dog club or national breed club.
  • These papers should include information about the puppy’s dam and sire along with their own registration information.

Proof of Pedigree

The proof of pedigree gives a background on the lineage of the puppy. It’s essentially the pup’s family tree and should go back at least three generations.

  • The proof of pedigree also includes any titles won by dogs in the puppy’s lineage.

Health Test Documentation

When a puppy is inbred or line bred, it can inherit genetic conditions from its parents. That’s why it’s important to have health tests performed on the pup and proof of health tests on the sire and dam. Include documentation of the results in your puppy kit. Typical tests to include are:

  • A clear eye test.
  • A test for progressive retinal atrophy (PRA).
  • Hip scores and elbow scores.
  • Any other tests that are relevant for the breed.

Veterinary Documentation

A veterinary examination must be completed before completing the sale of a puppy. Include the original documentation from the vet visit for the new owner’s records. Original documents you need to include in the puppy kit are:

It’s also important to provide the buyer with information about when the puppy is due for its next vet visit.

Puppy Contract

Requiring a puppy contract is completely optional. Some breeders require a puppy contract before completing a sale. Others don’t bother with a contract. This is completely up to you and what makes you comfortable.

Use CitizenShipper to Deliver Puppies Long Distance

Many breeders require a face-to-face meeting when it comes time to transition the puppy to its new owner. However, sometimes that’s not possible due to distance and logistics.

Luckily, there are some great options for shipping puppies to their new home. As an ethical breeder, your number one priority is the well-being of your puppies. Hiring a puppy transporter through CitizenShipper is one way to ensure that the transition goes smoothly.

Our experienced pet transporters have the knowledge and care to deliver your pup safely and efficiently, taking the time to ensure its every need is met.

CitizenShipper’s internal chat system makes it easy to find a transporter with whom you feel comfortable, allowing you to ask questions and confirm details before you book.

Questions you may want to ask a pet transporter include:

  • How many puppies have you shipped in the past?
  • Have you ever shipped a dog for a breeder?
  • What was your experience like shipping puppies?
  • Are you USDA registered and what’s your registration number? Are you bonded?
  • Do you have enough room to ship my puppy kit too?

If you have to ship a puppy long-distance and the buyer cannot make the trip to you, post a job on CitizenShipper. You’ll receive quotes within minutes and be able to hand-pick the driver that will take care of your puppy along the journey.

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