Guide to Shipping Pets From Another State

Adaeze Nwakaeze Adaeze Nwakaeze · Updated July 1, 2024

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Shipping pets across state lines.

Bringing a furry friend into your life is one of the most rewarding experiences imaginable. Whether it’s a playful puppy or a gentle senior, pets have a way of making every day brighter. But what happens when life takes you away from your furry companion? Perhaps you’ve found a dream job in another state, or you’re moving across the country to be closer to family. Whatever the reason, shipping your beloved pet to a new location can seem daunting.

That’s why we’ve created this guide to help you navigate the process of shipping pets from another state. From finding the right shipping service to preparing your pet for the journey, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to ensure a safe and stress-free move for you and your furry companion. Let’s get started!

Requirements for Shipping Pets

There are various requirements when you’re shipping pets from another state. These requirements include:

1. Vaccines and Health Certificates

Pets must be up-to-date on vaccinations and have a health certificate from a licensed vet to ensure their safety during transport.

2. Documentation

Proper documentation such as proof of ownership, travel itinerary and permits is essential for shipping pets.

Types of Shipping Options

There are two main types of shipping options for pets: 

1. Ground Shipping

This option involves using a pet-friendly transportation service like a pet taxi or a pet transport company. Ground shipping is suitable for shorter distances or pets that may not be comfortable with air travel. Although it could be slower and less direct.

2. Air Shipping

Air shipping involves using a commercial airline that offers pet shipping services. This option is faster and more direct but requires careful planning and preparation to ensure your pet’s safety and comfort during the flight. Some airlines have specific requirements for pet travel, such as crate size and health certificates. Research and comply with these regulations to avoid any issues during transport.

Finding the Right Shipping Service

1. What to Look for in a Shipping Service

  • Experience: Choose a shipping service with expertise in pet transport.
  • Quality of service: Look for a provider with a reputation for providing high-quality service.
  • Comparing prices and services: Compare prices and services from different shipping companies to find the best fit for your pet’s needs and budget.

2. Finding a Reputable Shipping Service

  • Positive reviews: Research shipping companies with positive reviews from past customers.
  • Recommendations: Ask friends or family for recommendations for trustworthy providers.

Preparing Your Pet for Shipping

When shipping pets, it’s important to ensure they are comfortable and safe throughout the journey. Here are some tips for preparing your pet for shipping:

1. Getting Your Pet Used to Carriers

Getting your pet used to carriers before the shipping day arrives is important. You can do this by gradually introducing them to the carrier and making it a comfortable space. Try putting their favorite toys and treats inside and encourage them to go in and out of the carrier.

2. Proper Nutrition and Hydration

Make sure your pet is well-fed and hydrated before the shipping day. This will help them stay comfortable and healthy throughout the journey. Ensure you provide them with enough water and food to last the trip.

3. Comfort Items for Your Pet

Include comfort items in your pet’s carrier to keep them calm and comfortable. This can include their favorite toy, blanket, or bed. You can also use pheromone sprays or calming treats to keep them relaxed.

4. Training Your Pet for Shipping

Training your pet for shipping can help them get used to the experience and reduce anxiety. You can do this by taking them on short car rides in their carrier or practicing crate training. This will help them get used to being in a confined space and reduce the stress of the journey.

Final Tips for Shipping Pets

Congratulations, you’re almost there! But before you and your furry friend can sit back and relax, there are a few more things to keep in mind to ensure a smooth shipping experience.

1. Scheduling an On-Time Pick-Up

It’s important to schedule the pick-up time with the shipping service well in advance to avoid any last-minute surprises. Ensure you’re present during the pick-up to ensure your pet is properly secured in its carrier.

2. Confirming Arrival

After your pet arrives at its destination, confirm its safe arrival with the shipping service. This will give you peace of mind and help you plan the rest of your day accordingly.

3. Re-Acclimating Your Pet

Moving to a new environment may be overwhelming for your pet. To help them adjust to their new surroundings, give them time to explore their new home at their own pace. Provide them with their favorite toys, treats and comfort items to help them feel more comfortable.

4. Connecting with a Vet Near Your Destination

It’s always a good idea to have a list of vets near your destination in case of any unexpected emergencies. Research vets in the area beforehand and keep their contact information handy.


Shipping your pet can seem daunting, but with the right preparation, you can make the process smoother for your furry friend. Remember to research the shipping requirements for your state, choose a reputable shipping service and properly prepare your pet for the journey. 

Ensure your pet is comfortable and has everything they need during the shipping process and give them time to adjust to its new environment upon arrival.