Finding Hotshot Freight and Making Money

CitizenShipper CitizenShipper · Updated January 16, 2024

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Hotshot freight is best for those where time is critical. Say you want to send a cargo from point 1 to point 2, and want to send it immediately then the hotshot freight is your only option. If you send it through the conventional trucking system then you will have to follow their schedule. In the conventional system, each truck has its scheduled departure time and that time is adhered to even if you book the entire truck. In case you do not book the entire truck, then it will halt at scheduled halts throughout the journey.


This is where the value of a hotshot freight comes to the fore. Also known as shut down cargo, hotshot freight is being increasingly used by various industries for transporting different types of cargo. Hauling cargo through hotshot freight is a demanding job because of the fact that there are no breaks in the journey between the pickup points to the destination point. Since this type of trucking is of an emergency nature, there are no fixed time schedules for the departure of the trucks.


In fact they will depart the moment they are loaded and will run non stop to the destination point. These trucks are generally driven by the owner and are frequently leased by carriers. So if a large carrier is willing to take up your cargo delivery on an urgent basis, you can be rest assured that they are leasing the same from a hotshot truck owner. If you are thinking which types of cargo can be termed as a hotshot freight, just think of the fresh fruit & vegetable industry which are transported from one city to the other.


Then there are perishables like poultry products and fishes. Also time critical stuffs like medicines or medical equipment are all classified as hotshot freight. Apart from these any cargo that has to be sent on an urgent basis is classified as hotshot cargo. So whom should you contact if you too have to send anything on an urgent basis? Do you have the time to hunt around for transporters who are willing to undertake hotshot freight? By the time you find out one of them, it might well be too late and you might have well lost out on a client.


Instead of wasting your time, why not post your requirement on an online bidding site and let the hotshot freight haulers bid on your job? This makes the task extremely simple since you just have to go online and post the details of your job. The best part of this is that this assistance does not cost you any money. Just log on to the website of CitizenShipper and fill up a form with the details of your cargo, along with the zip code of the pickup point and the zip code of the delivery point. Within a few moments you will start receiving bids from various hotshot freight haulers. Select the one suitable for you and give them the task.