Big Truck With Car-Hauling Trailer

For Shippers - Vehicle Shipping - 02 August

How to choose a car transporter?

There are many reasons why you may need to transport a car. Perhaps you brought one from an auction in another state; you need to move a car that can’t be driven or you are moving house too far away to drive. In any case, you mu […]

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Cars parked on a dealer's parking lot

For Shippers - Vehicle Shipping - 21 July

How Are Cars Transported to Dealers?

Millions of cars are shipped every year throughout the U.S. In 2020, the auto industry sold approximately 14.5 million light vehicle units – 3.4 million cars and more than 11 million light trucks. In 2020 there were 18,260 deale […]

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Orange Volkswagen Beetle in front of an old house

For Shippers - Vehicle Shipping - 19 July

How to Cheaply Move a Car Long Distance?

You need your car to be at a different place, far away from where it is now, and you are contemplating how to manage your expenses so that this doesn’t affect your wallet too much. Do-it-yourself? Sure, you can drive your ca […]

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Black convertible car parked in front of luxury house

For Shippers - Vehicle Shipping - 09 July

Does eBay Deliver Cars? | CitizenShipper

You found what may be just the perfect car for you on eBay, and just before you place your bid, you ask yourself the question – does eBay deliver cars? No. eBay does not deliver cars. And it is your responsibility as a buyer to […]

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For Transporters - Vehicle Shipping - 18 April

Is Buying a Car on eBay Safe?

Shopping for a car online comes with many advantages. You have an almost infinite range of vehicles, meaning more possibility for finding the car of your dreams, which let’s face it is less likely to be available locally. Howeve […]

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How To Ship Antique And Classic Cars | Important Tip

For Shippers - Vehicle Shipping - 09 March

How To Ship Antique And Classic Cars | Important Tip

Love corvettes? Have a soft spot for Mustangs? Or perhaps you’ve always wanted to own a Trabant?  If you love classic cars you probably spend at least some hours per week searching online for your dream vehicle. If you are luck […]

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