10 Best Motorcycle Wheel Chocks of 2023

CitizenShipper CitizenShipper · Updated June 20, 2023
A person riding a motorcycle down a curvy road using motorcycle chocks.

As most motorcycle owners will tell you, good motorcycle wheel chocks are almost indispensable. Whether you’re transporting a bike or repairing one, you need to have it secured. Wheel chocks keep the motorcycle stable, minimize the wear-and-tear and reduce unnecessary strain. If you value peace of mind, you’ll get a quality wheel chock for your motorcycle.

In this article, we’ve listed 10 of the most popular and well-reviewed motorcycle chocks in the market today. But first, let’s get the buyer’s guide section out of the way. If it’s your first time operating a motorcycle, here’s what you should be on the lookout for.

What Makes a High-Quality Motorcycle Wheel Chock?

Before we get into the top ten choices for 2023, some words of advice. Here’s roughly what you should be looking for in a wheel chock.

  • Stability: This one is a no-brainer. There’s one thing you want your wheel chock to do, and it’s to keep your bike in place! A quality chock will maintain stability for weeks if necessary. Generally speaking, a long crossbar is a good indicator of wheel chock stability.
  • Durability: A steel frame and base is the industry standard. But some lighter-weight wheel chocks are made from aluminum. Different people have different preferences; it’s hard to go wrong either way in this category.
  • Versatility: Some motorcycle chocks are made with transport in mind, others are more stationary, depending on user requirements. Most models below feature different adjustment positions, which can affect the type of mounting. Be sure to have an idea of what the chock’s primary purpose will be before making the purchase.

The 10 Best Motorcycle Wheel Chocks of 2023

10. E-Track EZ Chock: Best for Multiple Bikes

The E-Track EZ Chock is unique because instead of being a standalone chock, these are designed for wall-mounting. It makes it easy to store your motorcycles without a rack.

  • The chocks are adjustable and can be set at angles of 90°, 45° left and 45° right.
  • Black is the standard finish for these chocks but you can pay extra for red or orange.
  • A rugged 10-gauge powder-coated steel construction means these chocks have great durability.

Note: The E-Track is not included and must be purchased separately.

9. Pit Posse 11-017 Chrome Removable: Best for Bikers on a Budget

This popular budget option is fairly lightweight and designed primarily for dirt bikes. As an added bonus, the simple design makes it easy to set up.

  • The maximum front wheel width is only 3.5”.
  • It can be mounted to just about any truck bed pretty easily and it’s fully removable! You just unscrew it quickly whenever you need to haul other cargo.
  • The stability it offers isn’t the best, but that’s expected in a budget chock.

8. Raider 19-610 Deluxe: Another Great Budget Option

Another lightweight model, this wheel chock is designed for scooters, mopeds or dirt bikes storage. It’s reasonably priced, very easy to install and that chrome finish will look great on the floor of your garage!

  • This product is not designed with transport in mind but it can reportedly secure lighter bikes in truck beds with little difficulty.
  • The chock has a 5.5″ inside width.
  • Quick-release hardware makes it easy to remove your bike from the chock.

7. Pingel Series E Track WC65EF: Best Floor Mounted Chock

Pingel’s E-Track chock is for use with a floor-mounted track, giving you versatility in how you store your bike. It’s a lightweight but sturdy chock that gets the job done for a wide variety of motorcycles.

  • This wheel chock weighs only 12.5 pounds even though it’s made from solid stainless steel.
  • Don’t let the lightweight design fool you, this puppy will hold just about any bike with wheels less than 6.5″ wide.
  • With a nice visual appeal on top of quality engineering, it offers excellent value for money.

6. MaxxHaul 70271: Best Adjustable Heavy Duty Chock

You can use the MH70271 on any flat surface. And it’s no surprise the chock is made by MaxxHaul, one of the most trusted names in towing and vehicle storage products.

  • The 70271 features a self-locking mechanism and a maximum weight capacity of 1,800 lbs.
  • It’s made of durable corrosion-resistant steel and is reportedly very easy to load and unload.
  • The pivoting cradle features six different wheel settings, providing significant versatility.

5. Condor SC-2000: Best Trailer Chock

This wheel chock is trailer-only, meaning it is designed to be installed on motorcycle trailers. But in truth, it can be mounted on just about any platform.

  • It features an adjustable locking cradle able to secure wheels between 14” and 22” in size.
  • Its listed weight limit is an impressive 3,000 pounds.
  • A patented locking system holds the motorcycle in an upright position.

4. MaxxHaul 70075: Most Bang For Your Buck

This highly flexible motorcycle wheel chock is able to fit just about any standard wheel size. It’s no surprise this chock is the second product from MaxxHaul to appear on our list, as the company is one of the best in the industry.

  • It’s fully corrosion-resistant thanks to a powder-coat finish.
  • Reviews indicate it’s easy to install.
  • For such a reliable, solid piece of hardware, it is surprisingly affordable.

3. Lock N Load BK1000 Deluxe: Offers the Most Stability

This product is actually more of a combo kit than just a wheel chock. It comes with one front-tire ratchet strap, two retractable rear-tire straps, quick-release strap clips and D-rings, and a mounting plate. These well-designed components work together seamlessly, allowing for quick anchoring and removal.

  • The chock ensures front and rear stability.
  • Able to support the heaviest motorcycles.
  • Features a quick-release retractable ratchet strap system.

2. Pit Posse Pp2900 Universal Motorcycle Removable Wheel Tire Chock: Most Versatility

Another entry from Pit Posse is this adjustable chock, . The biggest benefit of this chock is how it’s able to fit just about any motorcycle tire.

  • This chock is designed to make it easy for one person to load a motorcycle.
  • Removing the bike is also very easy!
  • Made from heavy gauge steel construction and a zinc plated cradle. Include a five year warranty.

1. Extreme Max 5001: Best Overall

This chock is made for heavy-duty work but its compact size means it doesn’t take up much space. It’s also very flexible and can support a wide range of motorcycle wheels.

  • It supports wheels ranging from 17” to 21” in width.
  • The matte black coating gives it a sleek look.
  • The Extreme Max comes in two different versions, basic and deluxe — the latter includes ratchet straps, safety hooks and other tiedown hardware.

Alternative to Buying Motorcycle Chocks

If you frequently transport your motorcycle, then you absolutely should consider buying wheel chocks to keep it stabilized in-transit. However, if you’re only going to transport the bike occasionally, it may be more cost-effective to consider a motorcycle transportation service.

There are many options for shipping motorcycles; from companies that specialize in the service to marketplaces like CitizenShipper which allow drivers to bid on your transportation job. CitizenShipper is a cost-effective way to have your bike shipped without needing to buy extra gear or insurance for the trip.

Simply log onto the CitizenShipper website, post a listing for your motorcycle transportation job and within minutes, choose between bids from experienced transportation professionals.