What Do You Do With Your Dog When You Move?

Adaeze Nwakaeze Adaeze Nwakaeze · Updated February 23, 2024

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When you’re moving from one place to another, sometimes it feels like there are a million things to think about — the packing, the timing of the move, and where even to start.

Then there’s Fido to consider. Sure, there’s the option of driving him cross country, but this can be a daunting task and one that often comes with a lot of stress and concerns about safety.

Flying may also seem like a reasonable solution, but it has its own set of challenges that can make transporting your pet by air unreliable. You don’t have to use any of these.

The good news is there is a better alternative available! Pet transportation services provide a safe and reliable option for moving with your pup.

Read on to learn more about how they work and why this might be the best option for getting your dog to their new home.

So You’re Moving and Don’t Know How to Transport Your Pet

Not knowing what to do with your pet when moving is a real problem, but it is not without a solution.

While you may be contemplating all the possible solutions, from driving cross country to putting your pet on a plane, it’s important to remember that these transport methods often have certain drawbacks.

Why Flying Your Pet Is So Limited and Risky

Although flying may seem like the easy and obvious solution, it’s far from being the best. Starting with the most obvious, flying your pet can be expensive (not to mention stressful for both you and your pup — think respiratory issues, loss, injury, and other issues).

On top of that, many airlines have restrictions on pet travel — like the size and breed of the pet, and if your pup doesn’t fit all of their criteria, then you’re out of luck.

Plus, airline delays and cancellations are more common than ever these days. That means your pet could be stuck on the tarmac for hours, or worse, their flight could be canceled altogether.

So while flying may look great at first glance, it’s not always the safest or most reliable option for getting your pet where it needs to go.

You Could Drive the Dog Yourself, But…

Though driving your canine companion cross-country sounds like a fun bonding experience, it’s important to remember that you’re entering a whole new world of responsibility.

You’ll need to ensure you’re following the laws and regulations of each state you drive through, especially if you are crossing state lines. This will also warrant having all the necessary paperwork and health certificates in order.

All of this makes driving cross-country with your pet a less-than-ideal solution. Thankfully, there is a better option — pet transport services.

Pet Transportation Services: The Ideal Solution

If you’re looking for a safe and cost-effective way to move your pup across the country, then look no further than pet transportation services.

These services specialize in transporting your pet safely from one location to another, no matter the distance. You can trust them to provide a comfortable and secure environment for your pup while in transit and ensure that all their needs are taken care of.

Most pet transport services even go a step further to offer additional services such as door-to-door delivery services and VIP services, helping you transport your dog with minimal stress and maximum comfort.

How to Find the Best Pet Transportation Services

You can find a reliable and reputable pet transportation service on CitizenShipper, an online marketplace that connects pet owners with experienced transporters in their area.

CitizenShipper offers an exquisite selection of pet transportation services, from regular transport service to VIP options. You can choose what works for you depending on your budget or your pet’s needs.

Plus, you get to see customer ratings and reviews to help you make an informed decision while enjoying other value-added features such as vetted drivers, a $1,000 Pet Protection Plan, 24/7 FirstVet services, and an instant messaging system.

CitizenShipper also has a bidding system that allows you to compare prices and get the best possible cost estimate, so you can move your pet without breaking the bank.

This, among other features, has done us the #1 rated pet transport service in the United States, earning us the trust of over 100,000 pet lovers in the country.

To find the best pet transportation service on CitizenShipper, we recommend you look out for the following:

Experience and professionalism: Ask questions to understand better the transporter’s experience in handling pets and to ensure they uphold professional standards.

License and insurance: Ensure the transporter is properly licensed and insured before booking.

Cost: Compare prices and choose the best deal that fits your budget.

Customer Reviews: Read ratings and reviews to make sure you choose the best transporter.

Additional Services: Look for additional services such as door-to-door delivery and VIP services if these are important to you.

By taking these factors into account when selecting a pet transportation service, you can rest assured that your pup will have the best possible experience and arrive safely at their destination.

Product Recommendations for Pet Transportation Services

Once you’ve booked a pet transportation service, it’s important to begin proper preparation for the trip. Here are some of our recommended products that can help make your pup’s journey smoother:

  • Pet travel crate

Make sure to get an appropriate size crate for your pup to ensure their safety and comfort during the trip.

  • Travel bowls

Bring along a travel bowl for your pup to access food and water during the journey.

  • Pet travel bag

A pet travel bag will help you keep all your pup’s essentials, such as treats, toys, and medications, organized and easy to access during the trip.

How to Ship a Pet Using CitizenShipper

CitizenShipper provides an easy and convenient way to transport a pet, no matter where you are. With only a few clicks, you can book a transporter and have your pup shipped to its destination with ease.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Create a free account on CitizenShipper.
  2. Post a pet shipping request detailing your pet’s origination and destination, along with any additional information.
  3. Receive bids from transporters in your area and compare prices to find the best deal.
  4. Review customer ratings and reviews to get an idea of the transporter’s experience.
  5. Select a driver and book your pet’s transport through the platform’s messaging feature.


Moving with a pet can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! With CitizenShipper, you can find a reliable and reputable pet transporter in no time and enjoy peace of mind knowing your furry friend is in good hands.

So don’t stress about the details — CitizenShipper has everything you need to ensure a smooth and safe journey for your pup.

Post a free listing today and receive bids from multiple transporters in minutes!