How to Ship Christmas Trees

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Christmas is just round the corner and Mr. Smith of Wisconsin wants to send his son in South Carolina a Christmas tree. But all shipping schedules have been filled up in this season of giving and receiving gifts! He is very disappointed, but then he perks up when he learns that he can after all send his lonely son a piece of home, celebration and joyous love that signifies this Festival of Holy Love! Want to know his secret? ….Read on!

Christmas trees have always been a symbol of the everlasting life and bliss that the Christ promised his followers. Every one of us must remember what it felt like to wake up on the Christmas morning and see those gifts arranged by “Santa” underneath a beautifully decorated Christmas tree! It is this very feeling that people want to communicate to their loved ones. Whether they choose a real tree or a fake plastic one, whether they come decorated or separately with the decorations to ship a Christmas tree is a challenge. Experienced shippers use boxes that are specially reinforced with fasteners inside to keep the tree in place so that friction due to movement does not harm the tree. These boxes also have a built in moisture locking system to help preserve the freshness of the tree.

But sometimes both buyers and shippers are unaware that Christmas trees are regulated objects as such in US states. The gypsy moth quarantine does not allow many of the states to ship Christmas trees from other states. It is necessary to obtain a certificate of health from the proper authorities after extensive inspection ensuring that the tree is free from every metamorphosis stage of gypsy moth or some other regulated pests. Many different and complicated rules are applicable to the situation where you might ship Christmas trees, depending upon the point of origin of the tree, the variety of tree, the destination point to which it will be transported. So whenever you want to ship Christmas trees please get a certificate of health from the proper authorities to avoid hassles and disappointment of watching your tree go up in smoke.

Well, coming back to Mr. Smith, he had found economical, efficient and fast way of shipping a Christmas tree to his son – he had found out about peer to peer shipping of Christmas trees. Through a environmentally conscious peer to peer shipping website, he got “Jack”, of his city, to transport the Christmas tree to his son in his large pickup for a pittance of what any other company would have charged. “Jack” was going to South Carolina for his family holiday and earned a few bucks on the way and since no extra fuel was burnt for the delivery it paid up for the environment as well! So if you need to ship anything this Christmas give a try to peer to peer shipping, you might be surprised by its ease and economy. Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas to all!


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  1. I am trying to find a way to ship an artificial Christmas tree from Brillion, Wisconsin to Apollo Beach Fl.

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