Meeting Michelle Irne Garrett: The Journey to Happiness on the Road with CitizenShipper

Cagri Sarigoz Cagri Sarigoz · Updated May 13, 2024

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A woman with short blonde hair and glasses takes a selfie with a black and tan dog, both smiling at the camera, capturing their Journey to Happiness.

At 52, Michelle Irne Garrett discovered a path that many people dream of — turning a passion into a profession. Working mundane jobs just for a paycheck was no longer cutting it for Michelle. Her love for animals led her to the realization that there was a niche for her in the world of pet transport.

A fortuitous Google search opened the door to CitizenShipper, a platform that would not only become a source of income but a place of heartfelt connections and unforgettable experiences. “It’s just a life-changing experience, and you get paid for making people smile,” she shares, echoing the sentiments of many who have found joy in their work. Find animal-loving drivers like Michelle on CitizenShipper’s dog transportation marketplace.

A woman with short blond hair and glasses, wearing a blue hoodie, holds a small brown Pomeranian puppy outdoors near a road with passing cars on her Journey to Happiness.

First Encounters: The Beginnings of a Pet-Transporting Pro

Imagine the delight of answering life’s calling. For Michelle, her first experience with CitizenShipper was as memorable as the rest, marking the start of a journey filled with wagging tails and grateful families. Starting with the transportation of cats, using her trusty SUV equipped with seatbelt crates and doggie beds, she ensures maximum comfort for her fluffy passengers.

Shipments Full of Memories

Every shipment is a story etched in her memory, building a repertoire of joyous encounters. Michelle tells us that she maintains contact with many of the families and breeders she’s met along the way. It’s this personal approach and ongoing relationship-building that distinguishes her service in a sea of transport options. Her memorable moments are not just limited to friendship but are also about the journey itself, including the GPS-tracked routes she meticulously plans when heading north or south.

Woman smiling, holding a stuffed toy, a small dog, and a blue binder at night with houses and a car in the background during her Journey to Happiness.

The Unseen Side of Pet Transport: Safety, Comfort, and More

Michelle’s priority is the safety and comfort of the pets in her care. “I only travel with two animals,” she says, ensuring personal attention and space for each pet. Among her essentials are a generator, health items, and heated blankets, prepared for any situation that might arise on the road.

Navigating the Roads with a Helping Hand

Like many, Michelle initially faced challenges as a new driver. But through coaching calls with CitizenShipper’s driver support team, she’s learned to “be prepared for anything,” garnering valuable insights and tips that have steered her towards a smoother experience. Though Michelle is an experiential learner who didn’t participate in the calls, she believes in the importance of preparedness, a quality that coaching reinforces.

Elderly couple smiling in a kitchen, the man sitting in a wheelchair and the woman next to him on their Journey to Happiness, both holding a small dog.

The Art of Communication and GPS Tracking

Her technique in providing a stellar experience hinges on clear communication. She stays in touch with pet owners through calls, texts, and real-time GPS tracking, sharing the code with customers for a peace of mind. This thorough communication method casts a positive impact on customer satisfaction, she affirms.

A Personal Touch in Every Farewell

Finishing each trip on a high note, Michelle leaves every pet with a gift, a small token of love that no doubt endears her to her customers and encourages them to leave glowing reviews. Understanding that each satisfied customer is both an end and a means to more heartfelt journeys on the road.

A woman in a tank top and glasses smiling while sitting next to a black and white dog on a brick driveway, with a house entrance in the background.

Michelle’s Pricing and Bidding Philosophy

Pricing journeys is more science than art for Michelle, who calculates her rates by meticulously tracking miles and hours. Despite not having a specific strategy for bidding, she finds satisfaction and success in her method, responding proactively to the market’s ebb and flow.

Community and Continued Growth

“Would like to do all 50 states,” says Michelle, expressing her goal to transcend borders with CitizenShipper. Her ambition stretches further as she plans to expand her services, intending to add four drivers to her team and exploring international transportation.

A small black and white puppy secured with a red safety harness sits in a blue pet carrier inside a car, embarking on a journey to happiness.

Crafting a Network and Sharing the Road

The CitizenShipper community is not just a shipping platform but a place where drivers like Michelle can share experiences. Through Facebook groups and other social media, she exchanges stories and advice with peers, fostering a culture of support and camaraderie.

Milestones and Future Dreams on CitizenShipper

Looking back, Michelle’s most profound wish was for a deeper understanding of the hours spent on the road — knowledge she’s since mastered through experience. The most rewarding aspect? “Everything,” she says succinctly. For her, each video taken, every mile driven, and all experiences shared build the rich tapestry of her life on the road.

A Final Word: The CitizenShipper Experience

CitizenShipper can be more than just a job; it can be a life-changing experience — it certainly has been for Michelle Irne Garrett. If her story resonates with you, perhaps it’s your turn to open the gates and start a journey with CitizenShipper. Whether you’re driving through the scenic north or the vibrant south, transporting purring cats or faithful dogs, each trip is an opportunity to make a difference — and make people smile.

Michelle’s inspiring story stands as a testament to the benefits and joys of working with CitizenShipper. It’s about discovering the sweetness of freedom on the open road, the camaraderie of a community of like-minded drivers, and the satisfaction of providing a service that lights up lives — both human and animal. Michelle says it all when she considers the impact of her work: “It’s everything.

If you want to learn more about how you can join Michelle and countless others who have found their calling on CitizenShipper, click here to start your own journey.