How to Transport Your Car from an Auto Auction?

CitizenShipper CitizenShipper · Updated July 1, 2024

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Car auctions are a paradise for oldtimer lovers, car collectors, bargain hunters, and many more. If you’re buying a vehicle in a car auction online or in-person and can’t drive it home yourself, you can ship the car with a professional shipping company. For transporting your precious new car, it’s essential to choose a reliable and high-quality transport provider. 

Shipping Methods: Open vs. Enclosed

There are two main shipping methods for the transport of an auction car. Both come with advantages and disadvantages that you have to weigh up for your case concerning the vehicle you need to transport and your wallet.

Open Transport: This is the cheaper option for shipping vehicles. Your car gets transported open-air without any protection from weather and elements. For an average vehicle that you anyway use daily in various weather circumstances, this transportation method is enough. Still, it can always come with a low risk of your car getting filthy or damaged. In any way, you should ensure insurance for your vehicle during the road. 

Enclosed Transport: This is the safest way to transport a vehicle. If the car you got at the auction is fragile, incredibly precious, or needs any other kind of special attention, you should consider this option. It’s for that particular kind of car that you just take out once a month in the perfect weather circumstances. Enclosed car shipping is more expensive but can be worth the price if you’re worried about your vehicle being exposed to the weather. It might be a bit harder to find an enclosed transport possibility short notice.

In both options, there may also be the choice of stacking or non-stacking. That is there cars on top or below your car on a sizable car-carrying truck? Many insurance companies do not cover antique cars on the top layer of a stacked carrier as there is the risk it leaks oil and damages the cars below. 

What is the Price for an Auto Auction Transport?

Several factors influence the price of shipping an auction car:

Distance: It’s one of the most central factors for the price – The further the route, the higher the price.

Season: Seasonal changes in weather and demand influence the cost of shipping. Summer is usually the most expensive season to ship a car; often, you’ll see quotes up to 30% higher than in any other season.

Size and Weight: A large vehicle, such as a van or 4wD, usually costs more to transport than a small car. You should be aware of the category your vehicle belongs to before hunting for price offers.

Condition of the Vehicle: If your vehicle can’t be driven at the moment, transporting it will probably be more expensive because the carrier needs additional equipment for lifting it onto the truck.

Insurance: Insurance policies range in price. If you want additional insurance for your car transport, it will increase the price, but it can be worth it if your car is vulnerable to damage during transportation or if it needs to travel a long distance. 

Time of the reservation: If you already know which day the auction will be and you’re sure you will get a car on that date, it makes sense to plan the transport ahead. Early bookings may be more affordable. Shipping companies know that they can get higher prices with short-term pressure, and for them, it’s also beneficial to plan ahead.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that you should always get in touch with different car auction shipping companies and get several quotes. With this approach, you get a sense of an average price and use it as a negotiation base.

Shipping Directly from the Auction to Your Home

Car auctions are all over the U.S., and while some auction organizers are connected to shipping services, they often offer limited transport routes or distances. At the same time, their clients might live several states away. For this reason, it makes sense for many car auction buyers to work with an independent shipping company, which transports the car directly from the auction to the home garage. 

Working with a marketplace based provider like CitizenShipper can be an outstanding possibility of getting immediate shipping for an affordable price. You can post your shipping directly on the website’s platform, and it gets sent directly to a network of carriers, which are available and located in the relevant areas. The drivers contact you directly with quotes and compete against each other for the best price. You decide which driver to reach out to, but the price is not the only thing to take into account here – CitizenShipper offers a transparent review system, through which you can track past users’ experiences with each driver. Through the drivers’ account information, the review system, and the price offer, you can find the drivers which suit you the best and contact them directly via chat. You can negotiate directly with them, which is especially useful in auto auctions because many auction buyers purchase select vehicles with special needs. During the shipping process, you can stay in touch with the driver and track your new car.


Buying a car through an auction is very exciting. But don’t forget to think about how to get it home safe and sound. This article provides you with all the critical information you need to know about shipping a car after an auction. Get in touch with CitizenShipper for car shipping quotes today or contact us with questions about our services. We wish you the best of luck with your bids!