How Do You Handle Movers?

CitizenShipper CitizenShipper · Updated January 16, 2024

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No matter what kind of job you do – it’s likely you have to deal with other people in some capacity. No matter if they are customers, suppliers or colleagues, there are probably a few things you wish they knew about your job that would help your working day go just that little bit smoother. In this article we share with the things that movers wish their clients knew before they started.

Let the Mover Do Their Job

Movers have a unique set of skills, knowledge and experiences that make them good at what they do. Even though moving house might seem pretty straight forward, if you watch some professional movers at work, it doesn’t take long to see that they know their job. So step aside and trust the movers in their work.

Finish Your Preparations in Time

If you booked a full-service move, your movers will pack your items for you. In this case already think about items mover won’t take or are not allowed to take like inflammable objects or valuable items like cash or jewelry. Moreover, you should consider transporting items which are unreplaceable like photo books. Make sure you put these things aside and organize a way you can transport them with yourself, so your movers can do their job without interruption.

If you didn’t book a professional for packing, but just the transport itself, make sure your items are packed when the movers arrive aka finish packing before moving day! You make their job much easier and faster. Also, if the movers have to wait around for you packing to finish, the time will go on your budget.

Don’t Forget the Labels

Labeling is very important for a smooth transport and makes your movers’ life much easier. Write on every box it’s intended destination, so they can upload, unload and carry in the most effective way. Also don’t forget to label boxes with fragile items, so the movers know how to handle them.

Pack Smartly

There is one simple rule in packing: Don’t pack boxes, which are too heavy. Nobody can carry a big box full of books, so spread them wisely and avoid the danger of bursting moving cartons. Instead, try to organize more boxes to spread the weight. You will make your and your movers work much easier, if you choose high-quality moving boxes. If you’re struggling to find the right ones, contact your moving company, maybe they can include boxes into their offer.

Empty Your Drawers or Secure Them Properly

Some movers don’t take full drawers or cabinets, because they are too heavy and they can be a dangerous item to carry, because inside objects could fall out. Ask the moving company of your choice about their preferences. If they are fine with full drawers, make sure that you close them properly and secure them with strong tape, so they can’t become a risk through sliding open.

Organize Easy Access to Your House

Nothing is more annoying at the moving day than not finding a right parking spot close to the house and then ending up with a parking ticket, because of standing for too long in a non-parking zone. Make sure to communicate clearly the parking possibilities around your house to the moving companies and take some time in the morning of the move or the evening before to keep space free for the transporter to arrive. Also here: Never forget, that a longer walking distance for the mover can heighten the price of you move!

During the Move: Stay Around and Be Friendly

It might feel weird to stay around when others are working, but you should always stay close enough, so the movers can find you. Inform them where you are and how they can reach you, because it’s always possible that your help is needed. 

And most importantly: To make the moving experience as calm and productive for everyone it’s essential to treat everyone with respect and kindness – no matter how stressful things get. Provide snacks, drinks, and obviously coffee to support the movers through this day of hard body work.

In the End: Tip Your Movers!

The standart tipping rule is 15-25$ per move or 10-15% of the total moving price. The range is always depending on how long the movers worked, how hard the circumstances of the move were and obviously, how good the service was. Moving houses is hard, important and skilled work, so give the movers what they deserve and if you know your staircase is especially narrow, top this by a view $.

Good luck with your move!