Hotshot Loads – a Great Way to Maximise your Profits

CitizenShipper CitizenShipper · Updated: March 8, 2023 / Published: March 2, 2011

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Finding hotshot loads is necessary for hotshot loaders who don’t want to end up with deadhead miles. You don’t have a lot of time to make plans so it’s best to use a load board that lets you find hotshot loads available for bidding so you can continue hauling. You can search through the urgent jobs posted and find the ones that would be ideal for your back haul. Driving with an empty truck is not something you want to happen because that means you add to your expenses without generating any revenue because your truck is empty while going back to your point of origin.

Hotshot loads are the loads that you can take to deliver back to your point of origin so you won’t end up driving home empty. You can search and bid anywhere as long as you have the internet and a laptop so even when you are hauling you can already plan for your back haul. Or, if you have a base of operations then they can do the planning for you and will just radio you with the load that needs to be delivered back to your starting point.

It’s really cost effective to have a hotshot for your back haul. You generate more revenue by finding one each time you do your hauling and that’s where online load boards are most effective. If an Urgent deliverable is posted in real time and you can start your bid. Since they are in need of urgent truckers then you can find out if you have won the bid in time, or at least hope that you get it in time so you won’t have down time while waiting. With hotshot loads, they need truckers that would get to their shipment as fast as possible and at the most affordable price too.

Finding a list of the hotshot shipment is easy as you get notified immediately after every posting. It’s really very convenient to use the loading boards where you can quickly place your bids and get notified immediately if you have won. The hotshot loads are shipped with speed in mind especially because the truck needs to keep going and the shipper is also in need of delivering the loads fast. Having a tool that lets the shipper and trucker have a virtual meeting place to get the job done is really a God-send. Both parties win.

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  1. Can we get a quote for a 25 ton load of 500 hay bales
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  2. Need a 300lb motorcycle trailer that comes apart in several sections delivered to arlington height il 60004 from Bloomfield Kentucky outside Louisville ..

  3. Hey my name is brandon and i seen that you needed a motorcycle trialer hauled iv done the math and i could so that for you no problem for seven hundred dollars if you want to talk more about it or price email me and we can talk more

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