A Brief Guide to Green shipping: Trends with benefits

CitizenShipper CitizenShipper · Updated: July 7, 2023 / Published: July 21, 2020

All over the world, customers are increasingly keen to “go green”: Green products, green lifestyles and green shipping. How should we, as manufacturers, retailers and service providers, make good on this major and rising trend? Can you offer customers a chance to opt for green shipping methods? Have you been made aware of the possibilities of sustainable shipping?

Green shipping isn’t just a marketing tool to attract customers. Nowadays earth friendly shipping means:

  1. Reduction of shipping inefficiency through logistical and operational streamlining
  2. Optimization of fuel efficiency per trip per transport
  3. Choice of reduced carbon footprint generating delivery options
  4. Use of alternative fuels and energy sources for transport
  5. Use of fuel-efficient driving best practices etc.

So while choosing a shipping partner for your business or even mailing personally, you can do your bit towards a greener, healthier environment by checking that company’s policies and practices against the above checklist.

Shipping companies are leaving no stone unturned in converting to green shipping methods in a bid to provide their customers with the most environmentally friendly shipping options available. Not only are they reducing their own carbon footprint by adopting paperless offices and green practices, but they are actually increasing their earth friendly attitude by offering shipping options which use renewable energies as fuel.

They are adopting newer, cheaper, lighter vehicles with greater payloads and also optimising their load distribution and trip planning. Less time spent at ports and decongested docks and roads also help to consoloidate these programs offered by shipping companies, permitting business houses to ship full truckloads on single trucks, avoiding the need of multiple trucks; especially if the deliveries lie in the same direction or region. All these methods are being incorporated to attract the climate-conscious customer and express how committed the company is to this aim.

And that’s not all. More and more environmentally friendly shipping houses are opting for the use of biodiesel and ultra low sulfur diesel, initiatives that deserve the highest encouragement. Some of the largest green method shipping companies are also using consignment trucks running on compressed natural gas.

Fuel-efficient driving methods are being implemented to remove shipping inefficiencies, thus saving tens of metric tons in annual emissions of greenhouse gas emissions and thousands of dollars.

Making vehicles run at an optimum speed boosts fuel efficiency and companies are taking steps to ensure that their drivers stay well within their prescribed limits through training and by providing incentives. Electronic engine controls are also being used to eradicate shipping inefficiencies.

Other methods like stopping prolonged truck idling, using auxiliary power units (APU), truck stop electrification and automatic tire inflation systems in a combination truck are also employed by sustainable shipping companies to reduce fuel burning, thereby decreasing greenhouse gas emissions that damage our atmosphere.

One of the best green shipping methods is the Peer to Peer shipping method as it provides the best solutions for all the agents involved. The customers are passed on the discounts that the green shipping company saves by not having to book shipping space on larger shipping companies, while the drivers get to earn a few extra dollars making a delivery while going on their own way anyway.

CitizenShipper is on Yahoo Buzz and Clean Technica, with a range of climate-friendly options for customers concerned about the environmental impact of shipping. So you can now enjoy green shipping methods offered by online companies like this to ensure that you’ve done your bit towards creating a more sustainable planet.

Featured Image Credit: www.joc.com