Pet Cargo Myths and Facts You Need to Know

You consider transporting your pet as cargo, but you have heard terrible stories about what might or might not happen to your furry friend? This article will reveal the truth behind some common pet cargo myths and provide you with all the information you need to ease your pre-travel worries.  Myth #1: It’s unsafe to Read more about Pet Cargo Myths and Facts You Need to Know[…]

Things to look for in a driver when transporting your pet

When you need to transport your pet, you want to be sure that you are placing it into good hands, so your furry friend arrives on time and is taken care of in the best possible way. A marketplace-based company like CitizenShipper is a great option to get into touch with experienced pet transporters all Read more about Things to look for in a driver when transporting your pet[…]

How to safeguard your pet during COVID?

How to safeguard your pet during COVID?

As people around the world are counting days for the lockdown and the threat of the pandemic to be over, it seems that their pets are having the happiest time ever. After all, their beloved humans are working and studying at home all day, and spending more time with them than ever. In fact, have Read more about How to safeguard your pet during COVID?[…]

parvovirus patient pug

Parvovirus in dogs: Causes, Symptoms, and Prevention

It’s early 2020, and the coronavirus is all over the news — you just can’t avoid it. With the world anxious about affliction, let’s use the opportunity to talk about one that threatens pets. The canine parvovirus (CPV) afflicts mainly young dogs and can be deadly if left untreated.

Getting through the holidays while keeping your pets safe

Pet Safety: Getting Through the Holidays with Pets

The holiday season is here, and we all know how hectic things get around this time of the year. If celebrating with furry friends, you might want to take precautions to keep them happy and healthy. Here’s just a few words of advice on animal health, holiday hazards, and maintaining pet safety. Be mindful of Read more about Pet Safety: Getting Through the Holidays with Pets[…]

Certificate of Veterinary Inspection

Health Certification Requirements for Pet Travel

While planning a vacation with your pets, you may have marveled at the amount of red tape required. It turns out airlines and states impose an incredible amount of health certification requirements. And their end goal? Preventing the spread of disease through pet travel.

pet transportation myths debunked

Seven Myths About Pet Transportation

Traveling with pets is a source of stress for many owners, and understandably so. Animals can be like small children – they have specific requirements, but can’t tell you what those are. That’s what leads people to rely on conventional wisdom about pet transportation. These factoids can be based in reality, or they can be Read more about Seven Myths About Pet Transportation[…]