What’s the Cheapest Way to Move Furniture Interstate?

CitizenShipper CitizenShipper · Updated May 31, 2023
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Tackling the task of an interstate move can feel like a lot. Especially when you have a big household with heavy and bulky furniture or a limited timespan. Hiring a moving company might feel like a huge relief – but working with professional movers can get really pricey really fast. If you are on a tight budget you have probably asked yourself, what is the cheapest way to transport furniture interstate? This article will provide you with a few tips on how to save money!

Less is Less

Before you figure out how to move your furniture, you should ask yourself what you want to move. Having a smaller move with fewer items will make your transport easier, faster and therefore cheaper. Think about which pieces of furniture you’re personally attached to and which items you could sell or donate and then repurchase at your new home. This is the perfect moment to get rid of the couch you never really liked or to upgrade to the mattress of your dreams. Online marketplaces, like the one offered by Facebook, can be a great space to deal with furniture – you don’t even have to lose money.

Borrow a Truck or Trailer

Before you contact rental companies, ask all of your friends if they know someone who owns a truck, a trailer, or at least a big car. Maybe someone can lend you a vehicle and you can pay them back with a nice homecooked meal in your new home or a small lending fee. Also, watch out for local car-sharing communities – there might be people in your city who offer their trucks or trailers privately for a smaller price than the rental of a truck would cost.

While the DIY approach is a cheaper option upfront, make sure you have the right insurance if driving another person’s private car as an accident in someone else’s vehicle can make the car-share option very expensive. Moreover, take into consideration that choosing this option means that you need the time to drive back to your destination to bring the car back, which can be a hassle when you have a long-distance move and just a small time frame.

Rent a Truck or a Trailer

Another option is to rent a truck or a trailer for your DIY interstate move. Large interstate providers like U-Haul have a big advantage: you can pick up and drop off the truck or trailer at several locations all over the US without needing to return to the place you picked up. Renting a trailer will be the cheapest option and is a good option on a tight budget, but be aware that navigating a trailer can be challenging, especially if you are not used to driving with one.

While it is cheaper to rent a vehicle than hiring professional movers, there are some important factors to take into the cost-benefit calculation. On the one hand, make sure you take into consideration unexpected expenditures like the price of fuel, possible stays at hotel rooms, and restaurant meals. On the other hand, think through the stress, energy, and time it will take to drive a truck through the US – particularly if you are not a confident driver. But if you feel the longing for a road trip, a DIY move can be perfect for you.

Renting a PODS Moving Container

Renting a moving container can be another good and affordable answer to the question, how do I move my furniture cheaply interstate? The moving container will be dropped at your house and picked up for transport to your new home after a time frame of your choice. This is especially good if you want extra time for packing, but don’t want to bother about traveling for hundreds of kilometers.

Hire Professional Movers From a Marketplace-Based Provider

Working with professional movers doesn’t have to be as expensive as you might think. If you choose a marketplace based provider like CitizenShipper, you get connected to professional and affordable drivers from all over the country. You can post your items for shipping today and the drivers of the CitizenShipper network will contact you with offers. The marketspace structure helps keep the price down and at the same time, you can negotiate online in direct contact with the driver of your choice over the details of your shipping. You can choose your driver based on public reviews, which can give you peace of mind before handing your precious belongings over to a mover.

This option has several big advantages, the most striking is that the professional drivers can complete your move in a totally customized way. You can move almost anything – even your car and pets! Personalized moves are the way to go if you have very particular moving requirements or just prefer to have a more friendly and direct experience. The person you arrange your move with is the person that will complete the trip so you can really feel safe knowing that they totally understand your requirements.

Use a Combination of Services

The best and cheapest way of moving furniture interstate depends on the individual circumstances of your move. Maybe it makes sense to combine services, for example renting a pod for part of your belongings and then hiring professional movers for your heavy kitchen cabinet or another option could be to ship heavy furniture via a marketplace and then driving small pieces by yourself on a road trip with your friends.

At the end of the day think through both your financial and time budget and make a choice that suits you and your family. Click through our blog posts for more tips on how to make an interstate move. Whatever you choose, we wish you good luck with your move!