How Can I Ship My  Dog to Another State? Answered!

By Matt Matasci

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The dog must fit in a crate under the seat.

Most airlines have a weight limit of 15-20 pounds.

Cost ranges from $95 to $125 each way.

Dogs must pass a health test to fly airlines will turn you away if you're unprepared.

Air Nannies

If you cannot fly with your dog, you can hire an Air Nanny

In addition to their fee, you'll pay for their roundtrip ticket.

Whether in the cabin or cargo, pets cannot fly unaccompanied.

Other Downsides of Air Transport

You need to start preparing six months in advance.

Your dog will be alone in the cargo hold this could trigger a stress reaction.

While rare, each year some dogs die or are injured during air transport.

Option 2: Ground Transportation

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Map out your route ahead of time and plan for breaks every few hours.

Obtain all required documentation and vaccines if you travel across state lines.

So your dog isn't eligible to fly and you don't have time to drive him cross country...

What can you do?!?!