Five Alternatives to Using uShip for Transportation Needs

By Matt Matasci

What Is uShip?

Online marketplace for shipping services.

Based in Austin, TX.

Ships motorcycles, cars, pets, household items and more.

Alternative #1: CitizenShipper

Pros of CitizenShipper:

Industry-first booking assurance guarantee.

All transporters on CitizenShipper pass a stringent background test.

You can communicate directly with the transporter using an internal messaging system.

Cons of CitizenShipper:

CitizenShipper is currently unavailable outside of the United States.

Pros of FedEx:

Offers international shipping.

Options for quick delivery service, even overnight.

Cons of FedEx:

Can be very expensive, especially for bulky items.

Doesn't always offer door-to-door service you may need to go to an office for pick up.

Won't transport certain items like animals or jewelry.

A reliable tracking system indicates the exact location of your delivery.

Pros of UPS:

Cons of UPS:

Great for shipping large parcels internationally.

Provides a reliable tracking system with real-time updates.

Deliveries can take longer than other options like USPS Express.

Free pick up isn't available UPS charges a flat rate for pick up.

Like FedEx, UPS is one of the more expensive shipping options. 

Discounts are available for bulk shippers.

Alternative #4: Classified Ads

Where to Find Classified Ads:

Pros of Classified Ads: 

Usually cheaper than traditional methods of shipping

More flexibility for special care items. 

More room for negotiating.

Cons of Classified Ads: 

Lack of security in case something goes wrong.

More vulnerable to scams or fraud.

You'll be working with non-professional transporters.

DIY with a UHaul Trailer

Pros of UHaul: 

Cons of UHaul:

Every aspect of the transport is under your control.

You can get a great rate on a trailer rental compared with hiring a mover or using UPS/FedEx

You can rent a UHaul trailer just about anywhere in the United States.

Doing everything yourself can be stressful in tight time windows.

There's added risk when you're doing the transporting yourself.

Because of this risk, you may want to take out additional insurance.