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Contract Name: Large dog from Houston

Date: Jul 15, 2019
Route: From Houston, TX to Amagansett, NY
Distance: 1748.4944169334 Miles

Spoiled with Care is THE BEST. Our driver arrived on time for pick up, was in communication with us for the entire 1,500 mile trip, including pictures of our big doggie having a great trip, and delivered our dog on-time and happy. I was nervous about how our dog would get all the way from Houston, TX to Long Island, NY, but as soon as I met our driver I knew he was in great hands. Thank you so much, Spoiled with Care!

Contract Name: Shipment from Paris, TN to Commack, NY

Date: Jul 15, 2019
Route: From Paris, TN to Commack, NY
Distance: 1043 Miles

Very nice young lady who really cared about our pup. Love our new family member and appreciate the help getting him here from Tennessee.

Contract Name: Shipment from West Palm Beach, FL to Loudon, TN

Date: Jul 09, 2019
Route: From West Palm Beach, FL to Loudon, TN
Distance: 785 Miles

Ms. C was extremely nice, and respectful. She took really good care of Dave. He was a happy boy when he got dropped off. She sent lots of pictures and videos. She was also affordable and worked with my pickiness. 10/10 will use her again.

Contract Name: Shipment from Bybee

Date: Jul 08, 2019
Route: From Bybee, TN to Jupiter, FL
Distance: 774.20737861147 Miles

I can't say enough good things about Ms. Clay-Hardy. She is responsive, on time, extremely friendly and provided me with updates, videos and pictures throughout the whole trip. I felt safe with my animal in her care and I would definitely use her again in the future.


Date: Apr 26, 2019

SWCTS LLC. is now part of our certified driving team, offering you the most trusted and secure transportation available.


Greetings. I deliver for you! I have 20 years of driving experience and 26 years of pet handling (mostly cats) experience. I am also FMCSA registered, insured, and a certified USDA Handler. To serve you best, all FUR FRIENDS must be bathed at least 24 hours prior to pick up in order to prevent critter colonies. If you are a breeder or buying from a breeder; I require a copy of all invoices, vaccinations, and documentation on your precious cargo. It is best that you supply your own choice of food, kennel/crating, harness & leash. However, I can supply if necessary. In return, I will supply lots of detailed attention & care such as pictures and updates during our stretch-rest breaks. If you have any specific accommodations; don't hesitate to ask. For your convenience, I accept PayPal, CASH-APP, Square( via DC & CC), & Postal Service money orders. Deposits are required and discounts are available if you pay in full. Quotes do not include and are separate from the booking fee; Deposits and payments are due 48 hours, prior to pick up, and the remaining balance is upon delivery. Cancellations by the customer are charged a non- refundable 50.00 fee (300.00 for Canada, Alaska; 150.00 Washington & Oregon pickup locations). I appreciate your business and look forward to to delivering for you!
  • Vehicles: CHEVY EQUINOX
  • US DOT: 3297089
  • EIN DOT: 834493979

Screening & Safety:

  • checkEmail verified
  • checkAddress verified
  • checkPhone verified
  • Background check pending


5 Shipments Completed DOT Check Completed

Drivers who join CitizenShipper are screened for a variety of criminal offenses and driving incidents. We utilize a reputable leader in screening called Single Source Services to perform our criminal background screening which includes national, county level and sex offender databases. The background screening we utilize is called the 'Discovery National'.

What we look for with the background screening:

  • checkNo felonies in the past five years
  • checkNo felonies in the last ten years involving theft, assault or violent crime
  • checkNo DUI within the last five years
  • checkNo patterns of misdemeanors in the past ten years relating to DUI's, theft, assault, or violent crimes.
  • checkNo outstanding warrants for arrest
  • checkDoes not show up in national sex offender registry

The background screening includes a residence trace and returns all names and addresses associated with a social security number, in addition to checking the alias(es) returned through the database and the sex offender data.

Based on the subject's name(s) and date of birth the data returned from the background screening are records from State Departments of Correction, State Record Repositories, County Courts, and sexual predator/violent offenders' databases from all 50 states, DC, Guam, and Puerto Rico. Although this search has great value, and the volumes and sources of data are increasing almost every day, it is not an FCRA compliant service. The data is not updated after being entered into the database and therefore records could be expunged, sealed, or verdicts could have been appealed.

While we believe that the Discovery National is a good foundational screening tool, it is not an exhaustive statewide search of records, and as such we cannot guarantee 100% effectiveness in screening candidates.