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Contract Name: Shipment from Alton, MO to Lorton, VA

Date: Apr 03, 2020
Route: From Alton, MO to Lorton, VA
Distance: 949 Miles

Simon was amazingly kind to my family and I. He kept me updated on their travels with pictures and and stops. He really helped our family out during a crucial time with our family and we will never be able to repay him. I recommend everyone to transport their pets with him.

Contract Name: Shipment from Miami, FL to Martinsville, IN

Date: Apr 03, 2020
Route: From Miami, FL to Martinsville, IN
Distance: 1198 Miles

Mahalko was the best!! He made us feel like he was transporting his own pet. Great communication. Would definitely use him again! Highly recommend.

Contract Name: Shipment from Marshall, MO to St. Petersburg, FL

Date: Apr 02, 2020
Route: From Marshall, MO to St. Petersburg, FL
Distance: 1210 Miles

Simon was AMAZING!! Reliable, caring, patient and kind. Always keeping me informed with pictures, making me feel at ease throughout the my pup's journey. Great experience and will definitely use him again!

Contract Name: Small dog from Arthur

Date: Mar 29, 2020
Route: From Arthur, IL to Aventura, FL
Distance: 1247 Miles

Simon service Gets a AAA 5 start plus!!! Don’t think about it he is as good as they come, lucky if you get him to drive your dog!

Contract Name: Medium dog from St. Louis

Date: Mar 25, 2020
Route: From St. Louis, MO to Fort Myers, FL
Distance: 1127 Miles

Simon did a great job! He transported our dog from St. Louis to Florida! He was so easy to communicate with and made sure Murphy had everything needed to be comfortable. He kept us informed. He brought his daughter with him which was so nice! I knew he was in good hands. He even stole shotgun from her and they let him have the front seat. I would highly recommend him and would be happy to answer any questions as a reference. Our dog has been part of our family for 11 years and we have never done anything like this before. We were nervous but I felt very comfortable with Simon and I am so happy to have Murphy here with us now while we are stuck out of town due to the coronavirus (we are afraid to travel home). We are all together now! Thank you Simon and Sandra!

Contract Name: Shipment from Springfield, MO to Los Angeles, CA

Date: Mar 23, 2020
Route: From Springfield, MO to Los Angeles, CA
Distance: 1614 Miles

Simon was amazing to work with through the shipment of our foster dog Obi. Obi’s parents live in Japan, and we were working on getting a pet shipper to get him to LAX. With international travel, plans change frequently and Simon was very accommodating to the change of dates for Obi’s shipment. Simon even took the time to measure out every detail of his car to make sure Obi’s crate would fit and he would have room to travel. Simon has excellent communication skills and kept up with me on every step in the process. Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus, we had to cancel Obi’s shipment. Simon was very sincere in his apology that Obi could not travel to Japan to be with his parents, and was not vulgar in the fact that he would no longer be needing him. I have Simon’s information and will definitely be recommending him to friends and family. Once These travel restrictions are up, Simon will be the person I chose to get my dog safely to LA. Thank you so much for your understanding thru this process, Simon. It is very much appreciated.

Contract Name: Shipment from Buffalo, MO to Greenfield, IN

Date: Mar 21, 2020
Route: From Buffalo, MO to Greenfield, IN
Distance: 468 Miles

Simon was fantastic! He delivered our new puppy, Rosie, to my family and took great care of her along the way. He made sure to ask me before picking her up how I would like her to be transported (I chose to have her loose in the car, since that's how she would travel with us) and when they arrived Rosie was fast asleep in the backseat with his daughter. The breeder didn't provide a collar or leash, and Simon thought to stop ahead and pick those up so he could safely take her out for potty breaks. They even stopped to give her a quick bath after she got a little car sick! Simon was very responsive and transparent throughout this process which was very reassuring. He was also very accommodating--his schedule allowed him to complete the job earlier than I had listed, and we were very happy to have Rosie home a day sooner than expected! Due to the long drive and time change, it was after 1am when they arrived, but he called ahead to make sure that was alright and even offered to stay somewhere overnight if the late hour wasn't convenient for us. I could not be more happy with my experience with Simon; if you want your dog transported as though they were driving with you, Simon is the right choice.


Date: Mar 01, 2020

Mahalko Courier LLC is now part of our certified driving team, offering you the most trusted and secure transportation available.


2 years courier work 4 years in newspapers courier. I have my TSASTA number
  • Vehicles: Dodge Journey 2017 & Nissan Versa 2017
  • DBA: Mahalko Courier LLC

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