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Date: Mar 24, 2019

Jaleesa H is now part of our certified driving team, offering you the most trusted and secure transportation available.

Contract Name: Shipment from Montgomery, NY to Suwanee, GA

Date: Mar 19, 2019
Route: From Montgomery, NY to Suwanee, GA
Distance: 741 Miles

If you're looking for: 1. The process to take much longer than quoted. 2. To only get updates about delivery time only when having to constantly ask. 3. To have the delivery time change several times by multiple hours. 4. Never get updates about your actual pet. 5. Never be told your pet was put in the back seat floor of a car with multiple other animals. 6. Receive your pet covered in their own urine and vomit. For which it may take multiple days to truly get the smell out. 7. Have your pet be fed some weird can food you didn't provide. 8. Be put in a position where you feel your pet is used as ransom until you pay what is demanded. .... Then Jaleesa is exactly what you're looking for! I personally wouldn't recommend Jaleesa to anyone, but maybe it would work on a short distance. We submitted a quote and was told the time would be 17 hours. The trip would take about 14 hours to do if you drove straight, but originally liked the idea that Jaleesa was really the only person providing the quote with time alloted for extended stops where we were told our pet would get some time out. So we chose this bid primarily due to that, even though there were cheaper bids available. Unfortunately, that was the only good part of the experience, and it didn't even turn out to be true. The pickup time changed 3 times, and ultimately our pet was picked up a couple of hours early, which made us thing our pet would get here a couple of hours early. Instead, the entire process ended up taking near 27 hours!!! During which we found out there were several animals in the car, which required many deviations from the route to drop them off, since our pet was the last stop. We constantly asked for updates since we were provided nothing without asking. No pictures, FaceTime, etc, and the reason seemed pretty clear. Our pet had vommited and instead of cleaning it, Jaleesa just basically let it dry, so our white cat has a huge orange patch of hair where the food he was given, which was wet food, not the dry food we supplied. So when Jaleesa finally arrived, we learned that the only methods of payments she took, wait for it, you can't file a resolution dispute for. So you either pay her with cash, or use Zelle to, basically, pay her with cash. She will not give you your pet until she is paid, so the pet is held ransom. We could write a novel about this terrible experience. Again, we wouldn't recommend Jaleesa to anyone, but if you're desperate, stick to a route that's just an hour or two TOPS! Jaleesa has in her profile that she has been a lyft and uber driver for 2 years, and a pet sitter for 5. This just goes to show you that the experiences does not mix well.

Contract Name: Small dog from Lititz

Date: Mar 16, 2019
Route: From Lititz, PA to Yarmouth, ME
Distance: 401 Miles

Thank you Jaleesa Our puppy got here safe and sound and right on time after a long car ride. Great communication. Great service.

Contract Name: Shipment from Lawnside, NJ to Lancaster, SC

Date: Mar 12, 2019
Route: From Lawnside, NJ to Lancaster, SC
Distance: 475 Miles

Jaleesa took acre of our dog in a true professional manner. Hoping to use her services again in the near future for the next leg of our move. Highly recommend her ....5 stars not enough, possibly 10 stars if available

Contract Name: Large dog from Twin City

Date: Mar 10, 2019
Route: From Twin City, GA to Laramie, WY
Distance: 1433 Miles

Jaleesa was great from the start! Hank isn’t an easy dog and he responded to her well. I’ll call Jaleesa anytime our rescue needs a long distance transport!

Contract Name: Small dog from Commerce

Date: Mar 09, 2019
Route: From Commerce, GA to Winfield, MO
Distance: 521 Miles

Jaleesa is very Professional and Reliable. She is the BEST!! I highly recommend her to everyone! She did an amazing job and very fast fast on delivery. She Is The Queen in the Business. Thank you again Jaleesa Ur Awesome!!!!!

Contract Name: Cats from Forest City

Date: Mar 07, 2019
Route: From Forest City, NC to Montville, CT
Distance: 677 Miles

Jaleesa is awesome! Safely delivered my cats and in a timely matter all while staying in communication with me! I'd give 10 stars if I could!

Contract Name: Small dog from Centereach

Date: Mar 04, 2019
Route: From Centereach, NY to Grandy, NC
Distance: 354 Miles

Jaleesa is awesome!! I give her an A++! She was punctual and arrived before her scheduled time! She is very patient and seems to enjoy her job and is very kind to the animals! I think she is amazing at what she does ! Keep up the good work and thank you for delivering our new beagle Gunner! I highly recommend her !!

Contract Name: Large dog from Cary

Date: Mar 03, 2019
Route: From Cary, NC to Sturbridge, MA
Distance: 567 Miles

Jaleesa is an amazing communicator and was very clear on expected arrivals, travels, etc. Additionally, she was very accommodating for dog accessories. Thank you for taking our dogs north!

Contract Name: Large dog from Clinton

Date: Mar 02, 2019
Route: From Clinton, TN to Nashua, NH
Distance: 819 Miles

Jaleesa was an amazing pet transporter, she took care of our boxer had her here super fast as well at a great price. Thank you again.

Contract Name: Shipment from Myrtle Beach, SC to Sparta, TN

Date: Feb 25, 2019
Route: From Myrtle Beach, SC to Sparta, TN
Distance: 404 Miles

Kept in touch with me and let me know what time she would arrive. Took great care of our baby.

Contract Name: Shipment from New York, NY to Hickman, KY

Date: Feb 23, 2019
Route: From New York, NY to Hickman, KY
Distance: 866 Miles

I high recommend Jalessa. She's great, made sure my dog was safe and comfortable. She gave him breaks in between the 14 hour drive and bought him food and treats.

Contract Name: Shipment from Albany, GA to Portland, CT

Date: Feb 21, 2019
Route: From Albany, GA to Portland, CT
Distance: 944 Miles

After falling in love w/ a rescue dog 1088 miles away, I contacted Jaleesa after she sent my an awesome quote. She bought my new guy premium food and treats. Although the trip was longer than anticipated, he arrived healthy and happy. He clearly had bonded with her on this long trip. If I decide to do this again, I would definitely use Jaleesa.

Contract Name: Shipment from Alcove, NY to Yonkers, NY

Date: Feb 20, 2019
Route: From Alcove, NY to Yonkers, NY
Distance: 109 Miles

Jaleesa helped me with getting my Rabbit! She was very nice and helpful! Thank you so much !!

Contract Name: Shipment from Knoxville

Date: Feb 14, 2019
Route: From Knoxville, TN to Jackson, GA
Distance: 183 Miles

Would definitely reccomend jaleesa, I'll be using her again in the future. Transported my mini pig from TN to GA and even met up with me beforehand to pick up a kennel. Thank you!

Contract Name: Shipment from Pisgah, AL to Mountain City, TN

Date: Feb 13, 2019
Route: From Pisgah, AL to Mountain City, TN
Distance: 254 Miles

Jaleesa arrived on time for the pick up (was actually a little early) sent a message advising had picked up and arrived ahead of schedule. She seemed to have a very pleasant personality and was very professional with all interactions. I would very much recommend her and will use her again if the need should ever arise.


I have been a delivery, lyft, and uber driver for 2 years. I have also been a pet sitter for 5 years for my neighbors.
  • Vehicles: 2014 Kia Soul

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What we look for with the background screening:

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While we believe that the Discovery National is a good foundational screening tool, it is not an exhaustive statewide search of records, and as such we cannot guarantee 100% effectiveness in screening candidates.