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Contract Name: Small dog from Wooster

Date: Aug 04, 2019
Route: From Wooster, OH to Long Beach, NY
Distance: 512.84436371886 Miles

I recommend this driver all day ,, if she says she’s going to do it ,, she gets it done ,, Excellent service and delivery

Contract Name: Shipment from Dundee, OH to Custer Park, IL

Date: Aug 01, 2019
Route: From Dundee, OH to Custer Park, IL
Distance: 399 Miles

Heidi was the first one to respond and gave a fair price. She brought my family 2 Goldendoodles from Dundee, Oh to Custer Park, Illinois in one day. She used the 360 and I could follow her and the puppies the whole way. She was so great , I would recommend her to anyone. Thanks Heidi for delivering our 2 new additions! By the way, always tip Heidi just like you would tip in a restaurant 20%... She does a good job and should be thanked for it. Anna H.

Contract Name: Shipment from Brewster, OH to Florence, MS

Date: Jul 31, 2019
Route: From Brewster, OH to Florence, MS
Distance: 925 Miles

She is very flexible. She is easy to get along with and delivered my puppies the same day she picked them up. Amazing! I will use her again.

Contract Name: Shipment from Ravenna, OH to Millsboro, DE

Date: Jul 29, 2019
Route: From Ravenna, OH to Millsboro, DE
Distance: 441 Miles

Heidi was absolutely wonderful. She was very knowledgeable, helpful, and delivered our piglet safe and sound. I highly recommend Heidi to transport your pet.

Contract Name: Shipment from Lexington, IN to Weston, CT

Date: Jul 26, 2019
Route: From Lexington, IN to Weston, CT
Distance: 789 Miles

Great experience with Heidi picking up our new puppy from the breeder and driving her home to us. Heidi provided pictures along the way and invited us to follow her trip on life 360. All good with absolutely no issues!

Contract Name: Small dog from Brookville

Date: Jul 22, 2019
Route: From Brookville, OH to Quincy, MA
Distance: 863.15728611746 Miles

I loved how Heidi constantly sent updates and pictures of our husky puppy while in delivery. She also used a nifty tracker app so you could see where she was at any point in her travels, that was really helpful and reassuring. She also delivered around the time she said she would, so I would definitely recommend her!

Contract Name: Shipment from Kensington

Date: Jul 16, 2019
Route: From Kensington, OH to Bald Knob, AR
Distance: 818.0432520935 Miles

She was perfect - fast, friendly, professional. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone. Her bid wasn't the cheapest, but it was worth the extra cost to get the job right. You should hire Heidi!

Contract Name: Shipment from Apple Creek, OH to East Brunswick, NJ

Date: Jul 10, 2019
Route: From Apple Creek, OH to East Brunswick, NJ
Distance: 468 Miles

You will feel fully secure with Heidi delivering your pet. She communicated along the way and was on time as expected. Excellent transporter. I would highly recommend.

Contract Name: Small dog from Boston

Date: Jun 30, 2019
Route: From Boston, KY to Milo, ME
Distance: 1266.8285955155 Miles

Heidi was amazing. Great communication, on time pick-up, fast delivery, & professional. She had over 1200 miles to deliver and there were no issues whatsoever. Highly recommended and will definitely use her services again if needed. Thanks Heidi!

Contract Name: Medium dog from Carrollton

Date: Jun 11, 2019
Route: From Carrollton, OH to Highland Park, NJ
Distance: 431.38197907646 Miles

Heidi was able to accommodate my request on short notice and was timely and communicative for both pick-up and drop-off.

Contract Name: Small dog from Hillsboro

Date: Jun 10, 2019
Route: From Hillsboro, OH to Round Lake Beach, IL
Distance: 406.92418758815 Miles

Heidi was great. Kept me posted. Was delightful to work with. I was worried having 2 puppies 7 weeks old coming that far. Heidi took great care of them. So thankful

Contract Name: Shipment from Sugarcreek, OH to Chicago, IL

Date: Jun 07, 2019
Route: From Sugarcreek, OH to Chicago, IL
Distance: 376 Miles

Heidi is an amazing pet transporter, my puppy was delivered very safe and happy.


Date: May 03, 2019

Heidi S is now part of our certified driving team, offering you the most trusted and secure transportation available.


Hello, my name is Heidi Smith. I would love to transport your new family member. I am based out of Columbus Ohio. A little about myself. I am not a company. I operate alone. 52 yr old recently widowed, looking for a change in my life. I love animals and traveling. I own dogs and cats. I have volunteered for an animal rescue for 10yrs. My fee includes: Flat rate gasoline price $3.75 round trip. I will only drive 12 hrs in a 24 hr period.Your baby will never be left alone.I use Life 360 for gps loction, so you can track the route of your fur baby. I will also text pics at each stop. At your request I will even stop at any national parks or places you'd like to have pics of your fur baby at. At pick up I will obtain any accessories needed, ie: dry kibble or wet food. I use metal, fabric and plastic crates and carriers. I use only harnesses or no-slip collars. ( only to be used only when animal is out of crate.) I will stop at 2 to 4 hour intervals for walks and potty breaks when needed and only in pet friendly locations. I look forward to delivering your next fur baby safe and sound. Thank you for your business. Feel free to reach out. Call or text.
  • Vehicles: 2014 Kia soul
  • DBA: Heidi S

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