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Contract Name: Small dog from Ivanhoe

Date: Aug 15, 2019
Route: From Ivanhoe, TX to Belfair, WA
Distance: 2214.7607960999 Miles

I would not recommend this driver. I had Zack cerulean pear pet transport to deliver two puppies for me. One to California the other to Washington . He pulled up on time presented well. He drove a hatch back car which had one large dog crate in it just enough room for my two puppies. He told me he was only transporting one other dog this trip and it would go in a different kennel which I did not see in the car. Few days Prior to this trip I had taken my puppies to the vet for full health check fecal vaccinations bordettella vaccine as well as 2nd puppy shots so they had 2 sets of vaccinations on board prior to shipping. I supplied Zack who did not ask with copies of all my vet paperwork same as if my puppies were taking a flight. I also supplied Zack with food , collars and leashes for the puppies. The first puppy arrived to their forever home 3 days after leaving. The puppy was totally healthy the family informed it did smell like dog feces and was extremely thirsty but was totally healthy at its vet health check upon arrival. My second puppy that went to Washington was not so fortunate. I received a very disturbing phone call that the puppy was vomiting and lethargic from the receiving family . This family rushed the puppy to the vet . I called Zack in the mean time who told me the puppy became sick day 5 the morning of arrival. He gave it a bath and delivered it. The family informed it to smelled of feces. I was never called by Zack and told my puppy had become ill on day 5 when per Zack it first showed signs of illness. The puppy was admitted into the vet hospital by new family and diagnosed with coccidiosis in Washington and required IV’s and week stay in vet hospital . Zack would not answer the phone . In text he told me he transported 6 dogs on this trip and none of them had seemed sick and he is not insured or bonded to assist in Covering vet cost. I was so angry and felt lied to as in begging he said one other puppy would go on the trip. He Has not answered the phone or returned calls since to me or the family who received the puppy. The puppy thankfully has fully recovered. But Zack practices of pet transport are obliviously not clean as my puppies smelled of feces on arrival , very thirsty and one puppy became very ill. Requiring a very large vet bill for healing. I have dealt with messages from the family daily wanting justice for this puppy . Zack has not offered to even do so much as refund the shipping cost to assist toward the vet expense .

Contract Name: Shipment from Paradise, PA to San Antonio, TX

Date: Aug 14, 2019
Route: From Paradise, PA to San Antonio, TX
Distance: 1701 Miles

To say I was skeptical wasn’t the least! I had so many questions and they answered and reassured me the whole way through. Great communication! Would use again!

Contract Name: Large dog from Boca Raton

Date: Aug 13, 2019
Route: From Boca Raton, FL to Rochester, NY
Distance: 1388.0910477479 Miles

Zac was more than great! Absolutely everything we could've asked for in a pet transport company. Very reliable, communicative and flexible with meeting our needs. Wouldn't think twice about booking another transport if needed. Highly recommend at least reaching out to him.

Contract Name: Large dog from San Antonio

Date: Jun 19, 2019
Route: From San Antonio, TX to Sulphur, LA
Distance: 338.55720081716 Miles

To say I was nervous about shipping my daughter’s pup with a complete stranger is an understatement... but Zac kept both of us updated every couple of hours along the way and sent pictures. Pick up and drop off times provided were extremely accurate. Do not hesitate to book with Zac!!! Very happy with my experience.

Contract Name: Large dog from Clarksville

Date: Jun 12, 2019
Route: From Clarksville, TN to Brentwood, NH
Distance: 1174.6811118555 Miles

Great job! Picked up my dog exactly when he said he would, provided photo/text updates every 2 or 3 hours all along the way. Dropped her off at my house the next day. Very smooth and easy process. Thank you!

Contract Name: Shipment from New York

Date: Jun 10, 2019
Route: From New York, NY to Orlando, FL
Distance: 1101.8122907984 Miles

I booked Zac to bring my parrot from NY to Florida. He was professional, kept me informed the entire trip and was punctual with his delivery. I cannot say enough wonderful things about how great his service was. If anyone ever needs pet transportation services they will be in very good hands with Zac's service.

Contract Name: Shipment from Springfield, NH to Austin, TX

Date: May 15, 2019
Route: From Springfield, NH to Austin, TX
Distance: 1999 Miles

Fantastic service! We received updates every 4 hours and he made sure our pup was walked, fed, and happy throughout the trip. He even went so far as to let him roam the backseat. Excellent!

Contract Name: Shipment from Port St. Lucie, FL to Williston Park, NY

Date: May 13, 2019
Route: From Port St. Lucie, FL to Williston Park, NY
Distance: 1203 Miles

Incredible, reliable and honest service with one goal in mind - transporting you animal (s) in an exemplary manner. The constant communication and the journey pictures enhance the transport, but the ultimate care of my dog made it so rewarding.

Contract Name: Medium dog from Elkader

Date: Apr 30, 2019
Route: From Elkader, IA to New Port Richey, FL
Distance: 1368.3600269171 Miles

Zac is one of the best Transport Companies I have ever used, and you will find their rates comparable to other transport companies, if not lower. Zac, the owner of this company is honest, professional, caring, thorough, and lastly, treated my dog as if she was his own. The communication and pictures Zac sent us in text form, kept us current throughout the trip. Zac and myself kept open communication from the start of his trip to the arrival. When Zac arrived to his destination, his phone call to the person responsible to hand over my dog, was no where to be reached. Zac left a detailed message as well as I did. No response for hours. When the call was finally returned, they made no attempt to make it possible to pickup my dog until the next morning. This caused Zac to stay overnight. This expense was never planned. The next morning Zac was on time again at the stated address. Again another delay. My dog was being washed. At no time did Zac display any signs of fustration to me nor the kennel. I could only guess the inconvenience, time and money Zac was loosing while the clock continued to tic. Zac took this unforseen situation like a trooper. Never charged me for the time wasted, nor the overnight hotel stay. Cerulean Pear Pet Transport is a relatively new company, but do not underestimate their reliability. I foresee this company's growth in the next generations to come. I can't say enough positive comments about his company. Please, do not hesitate to try them. In fact, I am using them again this week for the second time.

Contract Name: Shipment from Pompano Beach, FL to Dunbarton, NH

Date: Apr 06, 2019
Route: From Pompano Beach, FL to Dunbarton, NH
Distance: 1517 Miles

So thankful we found this site and used Zac! What a wonderful experience! Pepper was given TLC and arrived happy and healthy! Would definitely use Zac's services again if ever needed.

Contract Name: Shipment from Orlando, FL to Gadsden, AL

Date: Feb 19, 2019
Route: From Orlando, FL to Gadsden, AL
Distance: 555 Miles

Really good communication they treat my pet wonderful I hope we can do business again thank you very much awesome job

Contract Name: Small dog from Columbus

Date: Feb 06, 2019
Route: From Columbus, GA to Port St. Lucie, FL
Distance: 498.54039887902 Miles

i had a good experience

Contract Name: Shipment from Flint, MI to Port St. Lucie, FL

Date: Feb 01, 2019
Route: From Flint, MI to Port St. Lucie, FL
Distance: 1318 Miles

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Date: Jan 15, 2019

Cerulean Pear Pet Transportation is now part of our certified driving team, offering you the most trusted and secure transportation available.


Good afternoon, My name is Zac and I own and operate Cerulean Pear Pet Transportation. I have been in business for over a year (operating from my business website) and recently signed up with Citizen Shipper to reach a larger clientele. Here at Cerulean Pear, your pet is our number one priority. During transportation, we provide food, water, walks every three hours, constant communication throughout the drive, and anything else your pet may need.
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