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28 months on CitizenShipper
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Cancellation rate: 41% in the last 4 weeks, based on 12 won shipments.
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Contract Name: Shipment from Hampton, VA to Green Cove Springs, FL

Date: Mar 27, 2020
Route: From Hampton, VA to Green Cove Springs, FL
Distance: 658 Miles

Like the previous two reviews before me. I was supposed to have the dog delivered by the 14th. At first I was understanding, but it was excuse after excuse. My patience and understanding started to wear thin. But what really did it was the fact that I was told last night the dog would be picked up today between noon and the evening. Okay, I have a timeframe, cool. Nope! I get a message around 8am with yet another excuse, and then my contract was cancelled out of the blue, no explanation. Now I'm waiting on my refund, let's hope I see my money back in the next 9-14 business days from Square.

Contract Name: Large dog from Spotsylvania Courthouse

Date: Mar 27, 2020
Route: From Spotsylvania Courthouse, VA to Tuscola, TX
Distance: 1477 Miles

One excuse after another. Speaking with different people each time. Cancelled at 5:00 am the morning they were supposed to pick up after they had us waiting all day the day before and no showed. Terrible

Contract Name: Small dog from Millersburg

Date: Mar 26, 2020
Route: From Millersburg, OH to White Plains, NY
Distance: 505 Miles

It was a horrible experience. She promises to get the pet to you on time and then she changes the dates on you. She is not reliable, she also lied about giving me a refund and I was not pleased with her at all. Please be careful if you land up wanting to use her. Innoway I’m glad we ended up using another transporter because it worked out perfect for us. Till now I still haven’t gotten my refund As she has promised! Beware I’m giving her one star but she doesn’t even deserve that! She should be -5 stars

Contract Name: Small dog from Celina

Date: Feb 28, 2020
Route: From Celina, OH to Cleveland, OH
Distance: 214 Miles

Castle Transportation was so easy to work with. Very professional and efficient. Highly recommend choosing them!


Date: Jul 21, 2019

Castle Transportation is now part of our certified driving team, offering you the most trusted and secure transportation available.


I have been in the transportation industry for about 5 years. I have had the privilege of being a taxi driver and courier of small packages, furniture along with personal belongings, and pets (dogs and cats). I have experience with dogs from living on a family farm as well as the transportation of them. My prior work experience includes: household and commercial janitorial duties, customer service, retail and warehouse work. I have completed several bids. Unfortunately the owners did not mark the deliveries as complete or leave any feedback even though they were so excited to see the new furry friends or be reunited. EXCLUSIVE TRANSPORTS ARE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST and COST MORE THAN A TRANSPORT WITH OTHERS. We accept reservations on a first come, first served basis, BASED UPON CLIENTS PAYING THE BOOKING FEE. Our booking fee is stated in your quote which usually is 10% in addition of the total trip. Our prices, DO NOT include & is separate from the Citizen Shipper booking fee. We require 50% of the total trip (WHICH HELPS ENSURE THAT THE CLIENT DOES NOT CANCEL OR REFUSE TO PAY) at least 7 days prior to pick up. The remainder of the total trip is due 24 hours prior to pick up. Otherwise pick up will be rescheduled. The booking fee is usually 10% of the total trip costs DOES NOT count toward the total trip amount and is due immediately upon agreeing to book with Castle Transportation. If the customer cancels then the booking fee is non-refundable and 25% of the total trip costs and special option(s) cost(s) are due immediately to compensate for lost expenses. TIME and SPACE is MONEY in our business. For your convenience, invoices are provided & we accept payment via PAYPAL only. Pets require love, exercise, numerous potty breaks and feedings daily, this takes away from driving time. We will keep you posted of your pets progress and miles covered daily. You will be updated from beginning to end with phone calls, text messages and pictures. You will also be notified of delivery time within 2-3 hours of their drop off destination. All FUR FRIENDS must be bathed at least 24 hours prior to pick up in order to prevent critter colonies. EXACT WEIGHT OF FUR FRIENDS AND KENNEL DIMENSIONS ARE REQUIRED. All pets must have a proof of rabies vaccination and up to date shots a picture could be sent over by text or email. If you are a breeder or buying from a breeder; We require a copy of all invoices, vaccinations, and documentation on your precious cargo. To maintain your regimen or to begin your regimen if buying from a breeder, it is best that you supply your own choice of food and include feeding instructions, kennel/crating, harness & leash, blanket/towel, and chew toy; however, if you prefer we will supply but YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE COSTS and then they become yours. Thank you for reading...Dawn
  • Vehicles: Cargo Van
  • DBA: Castle Transportation

Screening & Safety:

  • checkEmail verified
  • checkAddress verified
  • checkPhone verified
  • checkBackground check


5 Shipments Completed Background Screening Completed CitizenShipper Certified Driver

Drivers who join CitizenShipper are screened for a variety of criminal offenses and driving incidents. We utilize a reputable leader in screening called Single Source Services to perform our criminal background screening which includes national, county level and sex offender databases. The background screening we utilize is called the 'Discovery National'.

What we look for with the background screening:

  • checkNo felonies in the past five years
  • checkNo felonies in the last ten years involving theft, assault or violent crime
  • checkNo DUI within the last five years
  • checkNo patterns of misdemeanors in the past ten years relating to DUI's, theft, assault, or violent crimes.
  • checkNo outstanding warrants for arrest
  • checkDoes not show up in national sex offender registry

The background screening includes a residence trace and returns all names and addresses associated with a social security number, in addition to checking the alias(es) returned through the database and the sex offender data.

Based on the subject's name(s) and date of birth the data returned from the background screening are records from State Departments of Correction, State Record Repositories, County Courts, and sexual predator/violent offenders' databases from all 50 states, DC, Guam, and Puerto Rico. Although this search has great value, and the volumes and sources of data are increasing almost every day, it is not an FCRA compliant service. The data is not updated after being entered into the database and therefore records could be expunged, sealed, or verdicts could have been appealed.

While we believe that the Discovery National is a good foundational screening tool, it is not an exhaustive statewide search of records, and as such we cannot guarantee 100% effectiveness in screening candidates.