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Contract Name: Shipment from Kansas City, MO to Thomson, GA

Date: Jul 16, 2019
Route: From Kansas City, MO to Thomson, GA
Distance: 919 Miles

Craig was very friendly and responsive! Made sure to keep me updated with pictures and their location. He was very hands on with the animals, and creates a very safe comfort zone for them as well. Well pleased!

Contract Name: Large dog from Fort Myers

Date: Jun 25, 2019
Route: From Fort Myers, FL to Hillsboro, OR
Distance: 3226.8017266765 Miles

Craig helped me ship our dog Brady from FL to OR when we were in a real bind! Brady loved him, he took great care of him, allowed us to track his car via gps and had a live feed camera in the car so I could peak at Brady when I wanted to. My favorite thing about Craig was he sent me several texts a day along with photos. I rarely had to check in on Brady as Craig had already given me updates. 5 stars for sure! If I ever have to transport again I will likely look Craig up and see if he can do it!

Contract Name: Large dog from Redmond

Date: Jun 21, 2019
Route: From Redmond, OR to Nashville, TN
Distance: 2290.6693650282 Miles

BFF Transport was the best choice ever delivering our golden retriever from Oregon to Nashville, TN. Picked up right on time, and delivered in 3 days right on time. He took great care of our dog, and sent pictures daily. The GPS tracking was great as we could track the vehicle anytime we wanted and the Camera in the vehicle allowed us to view our dog anytime while he traveled. I rate BFF Transport 5 stars and would highly recommend him for shipping your dog. He loves dogs and you can tell his passion for taking care of our Ginger from the first time we met him to the conclusion of the journey. He also responded very quickly to texting when needed.

Contract Name: Small dog from Strafford

Date: Jun 15, 2019
Route: From Strafford, MO to Colorado Springs, CO
Distance: 755.7271779902 Miles

We are very satisfied customers. Craig was very friendly and I could tell as soon as I met him he genuinely loves animals. He was fast to respond to text. We loved being able to see his progress on gps and a live feed video of our puppy. I would definitely use him again, which I plan to. And would refer him to friends and family.

Contract Name: Large dog from Miami

Date: Jun 14, 2019
Route: From Miami, FL to Fredericktown, MO
Distance: 1165.9856433946 Miles

Craig was very caring towards my dog. He conveniently allowed me to watch his progress online and even had a cam in the car to check up on him. Excellent service.

Contract Name: Medium dog from Sarasota

Date: Jun 10, 2019
Route: From Sarasota, FL to Philadelphia, PA
Distance: 1093.1454054124 Miles

i needed to transport a rescue dog from Florida to Pennsylvania .I am located in the Midwest. Craig from BFF Transport responded right away. Craig had to pick the dog up from a vet in Florida, He did not hesitate at providing identification information for the vet. He was on time, I was able to track him the entire trip. the camera to watch the pet was not working, so he texted me pictures, potty info and how the dog was doing at each stop. he took excellent care of the dog. When he delivered the dog to the new owner the dog cried and wanted to get back in the car with Craig. The price was great for a rescue group. i would HIGHLY recommend Craig to anyone that needs to transport a dog. He really cares about the dogs he transports. It is not just another transport.


Date: May 31, 2019

BFF Transport is now part of our certified driving team, offering you the most trusted and secure transportation available.


Hauling since 2010 all over the United States with all types of cargo. Expanded our operation to include pet transport with an individual who has been caring for dogs for over 30 years and a number of farm and other domestic animals for more than 20 years. All pet transports include real-time geolocation and a live stream pet cam so you can see and speak to your pet. Otten, your pet will be traveling with a CGC-certified dog and a PAT-certified dog for company; though separated while in the vehicle for safety reasons. Cargo shipments are done in an enclosed, climate-controlled cargo trailer, when possible.
  • Vehicles: 2000 Toyota Camry 2005 Dodge Ram 2012 Chevy Silverado
  • DBA: BFF Transport

Screening & Safety:

  • checkEmail verified
  • checkAddress verified
  • checkPhone verified
  • checkBackground check


5 Shipments Completed Background Screening Completed CitizenShipper Certified Driver

Drivers who join CitizenShipper are screened for a variety of criminal offenses and driving incidents. We utilize a reputable leader in screening called Single Source Services to perform our criminal background screening which includes national, county level and sex offender databases. The background screening we utilize is called the 'Discovery National'.

What we look for with the background screening:

  • checkNo felonies in the past five years
  • checkNo felonies in the last ten years involving theft, assault or violent crime
  • checkNo DUI within the last five years
  • checkNo patterns of misdemeanors in the past ten years relating to DUI's, theft, assault, or violent crimes.
  • checkNo outstanding warrants for arrest
  • checkDoes not show up in national sex offender registry

The background screening includes a residence trace and returns all names and addresses associated with a social security number, in addition to checking the alias(es) returned through the database and the sex offender data.

Based on the subject's name(s) and date of birth the data returned from the background screening are records from State Departments of Correction, State Record Repositories, County Courts, and sexual predator/violent offenders' databases from all 50 states, DC, Guam, and Puerto Rico. Although this search has great value, and the volumes and sources of data are increasing almost every day, it is not an FCRA compliant service. The data is not updated after being entered into the database and therefore records could be expunged, sealed, or verdicts could have been appealed.

While we believe that the Discovery National is a good foundational screening tool, it is not an exhaustive statewide search of records, and as such we cannot guarantee 100% effectiveness in screening candidates.