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5 Bedroom House from Jacksonville

Jacksonville, FL → Jacksonville, FL (18 mi)

Shipment from Boston, MA to Chandler, AZ

Boston, MA → Chandler, AZ (2,638 mi)

Small dog from Golden City

Golden City, MO → Bushnell, FL (1,133 mi)

Shipment from Austin, TX to Fresno, CA

Austin, TX → Fresno, CA (1,598 mi)

Shipment from Tallahassee, FL to Rochester, NY

Tallahassee, FL → Rochester, NY (1,231 mi)

Small dog from Syracuse

Syracuse, IN → Riverside, CA (2,104 mi)

Shipment from Victor

Victor, ID → Newport News, VA (2,236 mi)

Shipment from McKee, KY to North Fort Myers, FL

McKee, KY → North Fort Myers, FL (896 mi)

Shipment from Reynoldsburg, OH to Wenatchee, WA

Reynoldsburg, OH → Wenatchee, WA (2,329 mi)

Shipment from Escondido, CA to Buckeye, AZ

Escondido, CA → Buckeye, AZ (351 mi)

Large dog from Georgetown

Georgetown, TX → South Lake Tahoe, CA (1,710 mi)

Shipment from Lafayette, LA to Huachuca City, AZ

Lafayette, LA → Huachuca City, AZ (1,256 mi)

Small dog from Richmond

Richmond, TX → Bakersfield, CA (1,638 mi)

Shipment from Ruston, LA to Ewing Township, NJ

Ruston, LA → Ewing Township, NJ (1,300 mi)

Shipment from Evansville, IN to Connersville, IN

Evansville, IN → Connersville, IN (230 mi)

Small dog from Pasadena

Pasadena, MD → Hueytown, AL (806 mi)

Power Boats from Highlands

Highlands, NJ → Tarpon Springs, FL (1,135 mi)

Shipment from Miami Beach, FL to Midland, TX

Miami Beach, FL → Midland, TX (1,638 mi)

Small dog from Rock Hill

Rock Hill, SC → Boston, MA (864 mi)

Shipment from Atlanta, GA to Boise, ID

Atlanta, GA → Boise, ID (2,168 mi)

Shipment from Quincy

Quincy, MA → Powell, TN (943 mi)

Shipment from Pittsburg, CA to St. George, UT

Pittsburg, CA → St. George, UT (663 mi)

Shipment from Belmont, MS to Sonora, CA

Belmont, MS → Sonora, CA (2,174 mi)

Shipment from Dudley, MA to Napa, CA

Dudley, MA → Napa, CA (3,029 mi)

Small dog from Richmond

Richmond, TX → Oxnard, CA (1,590 mi)

Shipment from New York, NY to Hedgesville, WV

New York, NY → Hedgesville, WV (271 mi)


Hilo, HI → Las Vegas, NV (2,666 mi)

Shipment from Fayetteville, NC to Tacoma, WA

Fayetteville, NC → Tacoma, WA (2,914 mi)

Small dog from Kansas City

Kansas City, MO → Oxford, NY (1,185 mi)

Medium dog from Irving

Irving, TX → Linden, TN (611 mi)

Small dog from Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA → Wichita, KS (1,372 mi)

Power Boats from Hampton

Hampton, VA → Quincy, MA (627 mi)

Large dog from Ardmore

Ardmore, OK → North Highlands, CA (1,678 mi)

Small dog from Dallas

Dallas, TX → Erie, PA (1,278 mi)

Medium dog from San Diego

San Diego, CA → Denton, TX (1,362 mi)

Shipment from Tucson, AZ to Lincoln, NE

Tucson, AZ → Lincoln, NE (1,282 mi)

Shipment from Surprise, AZ to Fayetteville, NC

Surprise, AZ → Fayetteville, NC (2,230 mi)

Shipment from Thurmont

Thurmont, MD → Butte, MT (2,119 mi)

Small dog from

, LA → Lake Charles, LA (203 mi)

Shipment from Reno, NV to Phoenix, AZ

Reno, NV → Phoenix, AZ (746 mi)

Shipment from Flagstaff, AZ to Belle Plaine, KS

Flagstaff, AZ → Belle Plaine, KS (925 mi)

Shipment from Norfolk, VA to Toledo, OH

Norfolk, VA → Toledo, OH (655 mi)

Shipment from Fort Myers

Fort Myers, FL → Rochester, NY (1,392 mi)

Shipment from Drumore, PA to Allen, TX

Drumore, PA → Allen, TX (1,416 mi)

Small dog from Phoenix

Phoenix, AZ → St. Louis, MO (1,460 mi)

Shipment from Hudson, WI to St. Louis, MO

Hudson, WI → St. Louis, MO (540 mi)

Shipment from Aurora, CO to Henderson, NV

Aurora, CO → Henderson, NV (779 mi)

Shipment from Teton Village, WY to Memphis, TN

Teton Village, WY → Memphis, TN (1,549 mi)

Shipment from Chicago, IL to Portland, OR

Chicago, IL → Portland, OR (2,133 mi)

Shipment from Austin, TX to Gilbert, AZ

Austin, TX → Gilbert, AZ (963 mi)

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