Dogs Making a Difference for Your Family

Cagri Sarigoz Cagri Sarigoz · Updated July 1, 2024

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A family with 3 kids taking a good care of their dog

Choosing the right breed for your family can be a tough decision as there are many great dog breeds out there. What makes the perfect family dog? Are there breeds which are especially great for families? The choice for the right family breed is as individual as the family itself, but this article will help you think about some of the key things to consider before choosing what sort of dog to invite into your family.

What Makes a Family Dog?

A family dog is playful, child-loving, resilient, balanced, peaceful, and cuddly. In contrast, an absolute no-go for a family dog is aggressive behavior. Even the youngest members of your family should feel safe with the dog. Additionally, a family dog shouldn’t have special needs such as requiring a huge amount of specific exercise. Managing jobs, kids, and the household is hard enough – and children and teenagers’ commitment to walking a dog is not much to rely on.

For some families, the length of the dog’s hair and the structure of its fur can be crucial since they can have a considerable influence on the cleanness of the living space. A dog that loses a lot of hair may induce extra cleaning time. Children or adults with allergies might also want to choose a no-shed breed to reduce the risk of discomfort.

What is the Right Dog for YOUR Family?

We gathered a few questions to ask yourself as a family before choosing the breed:

  • How active is your family? Are you going on a lot of walks, bike rides, and hikes in nature? Are you doing this through all the seasons or prefer to stay home in autumn and winter?
    If you’re not very active, a dog with a high energy level is not a good fit for you.
  • Where do you live? Are you living in a flat or a house with a fenced yard?
    For some small and less agile dogs living in a flat is enough, while others need a lot of space for running and playing outside for walks.
  • How old are your children?
    Some breeds are more tolerant of children than others.
  • How much time do you have? Do you have time to go on walks several times every day? How long can these walks be? Are you stable with your commitment to walking routines? Do you have time and energy for dog care, like brushing its hair and playing?
    A dog needs a lot of run-out, attention, and care. Dogs with special care needs, like the ones with long fur or intelligent ones, need more time and effort.
  • Who takes responsibility? Can aunts and uncles help out sometimes? Are the children old enough to carry some of this responsibility?
    Before you decide on a dog, you should see how many people are willing to commit.
  • Are there members of the family with allergies?
    Get tested before you buy a dog. A dog allergy can come as a surprise. You might want to select a hypoallergenic breed.

Some Top Family Dogs

Here is a list of a few breeds which are commonly considered great family dogs:

Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is the incarnation of a family dog and continues to live up to its reputation. They are friendly, willing to learn, active, but not too active, and fond of children. Their patient temper is perfect for young and old and makes them a great companion for every family. The only minus is its long fur, which needs regular brushing.

Happy family of four stroking Golden Retriever in living room

Labrador Retriever

This breed is also an absolute family classic. Their characteristics are very similar to the Golden Retriever. It’s an active, resilient, friendly, playful, and patient dog, which fits in every family. These dogs are intelligent but also perfect for dog beginners.

Labrador retriever resting in spring grass

Magyar Vizsla

If you are a very active family with a garden, a lot of time and love to give, and you’re looking for a dog to go with your long walks, bike rides, and hikes, the Vizsla might be a perfect fit. These dogs are very loving, child-friendly, and focused on humans. This dog is not for families who lack time and commitment, but otherwise, they can become excellent family members.

A female Vizsla dog sits in a wooded area.


Other than looking great, Poodles are also intelligent, friendly, and easy to train. They love adventures, games, and playing with kids. A huge advantage of the poodle is that even allergic people can share a life with them since they don’t lose hair.

young teen walking with his poodle in the beach


Bulldogs can make a wonderful, calm, loyal, and wrinkly companion to children. These dogs need regular walks but definitely won’t beg for exercise. They are usually good with other dogs and are easy to train. Since they are not very active, they can adapt to all living environments, no matter if city or country life.

A small, young, beautiful, fawn brindle and white English Bulldog running on the lawn looking playful and cheerful.


This tiny furry friend is perfect if you’re searching for a breed that is happy in a small apartment. Pugs quickly adapt to all situations and love humans, including children. They are somewhat active and very curious, but they don’t need endless walks. They are not the easiest to train and can bark sometimes, but they make up for that with a lot of charm.

The cute pug dog is on the ground.


These giant furry dogs are intelligent, loyal, devoted, and adorable. They are famous for being good, patient, and easy to train companions. While they are not intensely active, they need a lot of space for moving their huge bodies.

child and newfoundland dog in a swimming pool


There are many great family breeds, but you should take your time and assess the situation and characteristics of your family. In this way, you can come up with a wise breed choice. This dog will be by your side for many years. After you make your choice, it’s time to search for the right breeder to make your dream come true. We wish you good luck with this very exciting step!

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