Understanding Pet Transportation Protection Plans

jesika jesika · Updated July 1, 2024

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You’ve taken your time. Checked all the boxes. You’ve done everything you can to choose a pet transporter you trust and with whom you feel comfortable. But still, there may be a twinge of anxiety in handing over your beloved pet for the trip without you. 

While most well-planned and researched ground pet transportations go off without a hitch, you want to be protected emotionally and financially. This is the real benefit of a Pet Transportation Protection Plan – it delivers value whether you use it or not. 

What is a Pet Transportation Protection Plan?

A Pet Transportation Protection Plan is a short-term policy that covers some, or all, of your expenses related to pet injuries, illnesses, and other unexpected issues that may occur during a transport. It is a unique shipping benefit offered by professional pet transporters or online marketplaces (who connect pet owners with qualified drivers). While some pet transportation sources or marketplaces may offer a transport plan for a nominal fee, industry leaders often include the protection at no cost as a value-added service to the pet owner. The availability of a Pet Transportation Protection Plan is an important differentiator between the best pet delivery services and the rest. 

At CitizenShipper, we want you to transport your pet with complete confidence and peace of mind. That’s why all of our bookings come with a $1,000 Pet Transportation Protection Plan free of charge. Your pet is an important part of your family – and we’re committed to making the shipping process safe, swift, and stress-free.

Our Pet Protection Plan begins the moment you drop your pet off with your transporter and lasts for the entire duration of the trip. Learn more about the benefits of CitizenShipper’s Pet Transportation service here

Pet Transportation Protection Plans Aren’t Pet Insurance

It is also important to understand that a Pet Transportation Protection Plan is not pet insurance and does not replace any existing policies you may have or are considering purchasing. Pet Insurance provides ongoing coverage for your pet which is not limited to the duration of a transport. It is usually more comprehensive, costly, and works much like your own medical insurance. You can select from a variety of coverage options and deductible amounts that work best for you. So, for the just over 1% of pet owners who carry Pet Insurance with travel coverage, a Pet Transportation Plan may not seem like a big deal. The other 99% may see things differently. That’s why when choosing pet transportation, affordable or free inclusion of a short-term limited transport protection plan should be a major consideration in the decision process. 

How Does a Pet Transportation Protection Plan Work?

Typically, coverage starts when your pet is picked up and ends upon delivery. Because most pet transportations go smoothly, that’s about all you need to know – you can just sit back and relax. In the rare case when an incident occurs, there are basic actions to take before and after you file a claim. These include:

  • If your pet is ill or injured, instruct the driver to promptly seek professional veterinary treatment. Retain copies of all your pet’s medical bills and other related costs.
  • If your pet is lost or stolen, immediately contact local law enforcement and keep copies of the police report.
  • Promptly report the incident to the protection plan provider, ensuring you do so within the required time associated with your plan.
  • Advise your protection plan provider if any other pet insurance exists.
  • Be prepared to provide proof of pet ownership.

What Expenses Does Pet Transportation Protection Cover?

In general, plans reimburse eligible claims up to $2,500 with most coming in at around $1,000. Expenses covered under the plan include specific veterinary care, medical, or other related costs associated with the illness or injury of a pet during shipping. Depending on your pet’s circumstances, the plan may require a 20% co-pay from your reimbursement funds. Generally you don’t pay anything for the plan. Even with the deductible, the advantage to you on a $1,000 plan is about $800.

There are reimbursement exclusions under a Pet Transportation Protection Plan. Most just make sense. For example, won’t receive reimbursement if there’s an injury before or after the transport. For routine veterinary services such as shots or check-ups. Some of the more common exceptions are listed here. To be safe, make sure to check the reimbursement exclusions in any Pet Transportation Protection Plan offered to you. 

Ship Your Pet with Confidence

If you’re looking for affordable pet transportation that doesn’t skimp on care or quality, we’ve got you covered. Our Pet Protection Plan will give you that extra layer of confidence so you can sit back and relax.  

Let’s get started! Fill out our New Move Form to meet and connect with animal-loving transporters in minutes. 

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