7 Great Tips For Successful Refrigerator Shipping

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So you live in Florida and want refrigerator shipping from Oregon? You are worried that your precious little “cool” baby might get dented or wrecked on the way? Relax, because a little bit of online research would tell you that there are environmentally friendly shipping companies offering their services to people like you.

Shipping refrigerators is basically just like shipping any other large item. Before shipping you have to palletize or crate the refrigerator. Although it is far better to allow professional refrigerator shipping companies to do it for you, however if you wish to save, you can always opt to pack it yourself. Follow these 7 tips to ensure safe and reliable shipping of your refrigerator.

1. Huge discounts on shipping a refrigerator are available from environmentally friendly shipping companies which use long-distance trailers which have less than truck load (LTL) and are not quite full. But then again one of the shipping inefficiencies is that this way of refrigerator shipping leaves it vulnerable and uninsured. The delivery timeframe also can’t be ensured. Of course, when you use CitizenShipper you can insure your item, and also specify the pick-up and delivery times, but not all companies are so user-friendly.

2. Terminal to terminal freight services are also an option for refrigerator shipping. Essentially,  your large shipping items are picked up from an airport, train station or bus terminal and delivered to the terminal or station at the destination where a receiver ultimately accepts it. The cost benefit of such shipping methods can sometimes be beaten by sustainable shipping companies, although the item may suffer damage due to rough handling.

3. Some online companies buy bulk shipping space on eco-friendly carriers at highly discounted rates and then rent the space for a slightly higher price; the difference becoming their profit. Shipping refrigerators through such companies provides superior discounts than you could get otherwise from these carbon footprint reducing companies. This also reduces a lot of shipping inefficiencies.

4. The variables that govern the rates for the shipping must be fully understood by you before you commit to refrigerator shipping. Any eco-friendly shipping company would guide you as to how you can get eco friendly wrapping and packing supplies. Alternatively, you can choose to go for professional packing. If however you intend to do the packing for refrigerator shipping yourself you can also go for the traditional “bubble wrap, then shrink wrap and using edge protector” way. The weight of the packed and crated item must also be determined.

5. The next step is to visit a shipment broking website for multiple quotes from environmentally friendly shipping companies. Fields that you would need to fill up before obtaining a quote would obviously include the weight of the item, the points of origin and destination for the shipping. Your choice would usually depend on who gives you the best price within your delivery time frame. A little background research on the environmentally friendly shipping company through consumer affairs website would give you an idea of their competence in handling refrigerator shipping.

6. Open a shipping account with the sustainable shipping company through their website or by phone. You will need to provide your credit card details along with your name and address. Some companies may ask for an advance. The pickup appointment for refrigerator shipping has to be made. Make sure that you have the phone number of the driver, further reducing shipping inefficiencies

7. If you don’t want to pay extra for the fork-lift to put the item on the truck, you need to have at least two strong men to help you lift the furniture into the truck. After that it becomes the responsibility of the shipping company.


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