Know how to file taxes as an independent contractor.

For Drivers - 18 February 2022

Tax Filing Guide for Drivers

Whether you’ve been a transporter for years or you’re just getting started, you’ve probably wondered how to file taxes as an independent contractor. Non-traditional employment has become very popular since the pandemic began […]

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Carefully select a crate for cat transportation.

Animal Transport - For Drivers - 14 February 2022

How to Safely Transport Cats Long Distance

A popular storyline during the COVID pandemic is the noticeable increase in pet adoptions. ASPCA found that one-in-five households have adopted a dog or cat since spring 2020. Interest in dog adoptions has waned since 2020 but inq […]

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Animal Transport - For Drivers - 09 February 2022

10 Best Cars for Transporting Dogs in 2022

A standout driver profile, positive reviews from previous customers and excellent communication skills are the three biggest keys to winning shipments on CitizenShipper. However, the status of your vehicle also plays a role in pla […]

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