There are many ways to travel with a pet, including car, boat, plane and even bus.

Pet Shipping - Pets - 09 March

How to Travel with a Dog in the United States

Picture this — you and your furry best friend are ready for a much-needed vacation. You’ve packed your bags, made hotel reservations and eagerly counted down the days until your departure. But as you get closer to your tra […]

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For Customers - Pet Shipping - Pets - 03 March

How to Choose the Best Airline for Dog Transport

As a pet owner, it can be a daunting task to figure out the best way to transport your beloved pup. Whether you’re moving across the country or taking a family vacation, you want to make sure your pet is safe, comfortable and pr […]

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When you need to know how to ship a dog to Washington, use CitizenShipper!

For Breeders - For Customers - Pet Shipping - Pets - 30 December 2022

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Dog to Washington?

If you’re planning your move to Washington, you’re likely considering all the travel plans and costs you need to address to get your family relocated to the Evergreen State. Your dog is, of course, an important part of the […]

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Transporting your best friend? The best way to get an accurate pet shipping cost estimate is posting a free listing on CitizenShipper.

For Breeders - For Customers - Pet Shipping - Pets - 28 December 2022

How to Get an Accurate Pet Shipping Cost Estimate

Pet transportation is in popular demand now that it’s easy to do with various companies online competing for your business. There are many modes of pet travel — from train travel, going on flights, hiring air nannies, doing gr […]

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