Three dogs on a couch

For Customers - Pets - 13 December 2021

What to Get for a New Puppy

New Puppy Checklist Americans love dogs. In a recent survey, 51 percent of people said their preferred pet was a dog — that’s more than the rest of the animal types combined. It’s no wonder they’re called man’s b […]

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How to safeguard your pet during COVID?

For Customers - Pet Health - Pets - 25 May 2020

How to Safeguard your Pet During COVID?

As people around the world are counting days for the lockdown and the threat of the pandemic to be over, it seems that their pets are having the happiest time ever. After all, their beloved humans are working and studying at home […]

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A woman and a men holding dogs in their hands, and an airplane at their back

For Customers - For Drivers - Pet Shipping - 11 October 2018

Introducing Air Nannies – Heroes Who Fly Pets Home

While most drivers on the CitizenShipper website transport pets by car, a rising number of flight crew personnel and regular fliers are bidding on long-distance pet delivery jobs. As they like to call themselves, these Air Nannies […]

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For Customers - Pets - 20 September 2018

How To Re-acclimatize Pets After Vacations

No matter how much you love traveling, you’ve gotta admit that there are few feelings like that you get when you set foot back on home turf after a spell away. Everything’s suddenly familiar again, and the surroundings just ma […]

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cat shipping

Pets - 03 September 2018

How To Get A Shy Cat Used To New Surroundings

Moving houses, or moving between houses when you’re heading off to your summer (or winter) retreat, is something that we humans get better at with practice. Often, it’s the same way with your pets – but there are exceptions […]

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