For Breeders - For Customers - Pet Shipping - 19 December 2022

Best Ways to Ship an Animal Across the Country

Quick! What’s the best way to ship an animal across the country? Ok, pencils down. The answer isn’t actually that easy. See, you might think flying by plane is the easiest. It sure is the fastest, but there are a lot of re […]

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Pet Travel Tips: Staying Safe while Transporting Pets

For Customers - Pet Shipping - 02 May 2020

Pet Travel Tips: Staying Safe while Transporting Pets

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, as things start to drift back to normal, we will all try to get back to our usual way of doing things. But that might take some time since there has been so much disruption. Health care and so […]

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10 Best Pet Transport Services in 2021 | Citizenshipper

For Customers - Pet Shipping - 21 April 2020

10 Best Pet Transport Services in 2023

We love our pets; it’s as simple as that. This love may prompt you to transport your pet when you’re moving to a new home or even going on a trip. Thankfully, there are many pet transport services available that move a […]

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Driver Interviews - Interviews - Pet Shipping - 21 November 2019

Driver Interviews: Deborah Joffre’s Family Business

This month in Driver Interviews, we bring you Deborah Joffre of P.E.T.S. She runs a family owned and operated transport service out of Kennesaw, Georgia. In over two years with CitizenShipper, she’s racked up literally hundr […]

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Certificate of Veterinary Inspection

For Customers - Pet Shipping - Pets - 01 November 2019

Health Certification Requirements for Pet Travel

While planning a vacation with your pets, you may have marveled at the amount of red tape required. It turns out airlines and states impose an incredible amount of health certification requirements. And their end goal? Preventing […]

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pet transportation myths debunked

For Customers - Pet Shipping - Pets - 09 September 2019

Seven Myths About Pet Transportation

Traveling with pets is a source of stress for many owners, and understandably so. Animals can be like small children – they have specific requirements, but can’t tell you what those are. That’s what leads people to rely on c […]

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Courier Jobs - Driver Interviews - For Drivers - Interviews - Pet Shipping - Pets - 15 July 2019

Driver Interviews: Kristy K’s Success Story

In years past, we’ve published a number of driver interviews on this blog. As the community keeps growing, we’re looking to make this a more regular feature. We’d like each transporter to be able to share their first-hand ex […]

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