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For Customers » Pet Safety · Updated July 10, 2023

Pet Seat Belts – Where it’s the Law and Why it Makes Sense

It’s one of those reflex actions you don’t think about much. You get in the car and reach for the seat belt – most times before even starting the engine. And if there’s a kid or two in tow? They’re buckled in snug and tight before you even leave the driveway. It is the law,

For Customers » Pet Health · Updated March 08, 2023

How to Safeguard your Pet During COVID?

As people around the world are counting days for the lockdown and the threat of the pandemic to be over, it seems that their pets are having the happiest time ever. After all, their beloved humans are working and studying at home all day, and spending more time with them than ever. In fact, have

A man walking his cat in the winter weather.

For Customers » Pet Shipping · Updated March 08, 2023

Winter weather travel and pet safety tips

While winter’s still going strong, you might be thinking about relocating your pet. Here’s our collection of pet safety tips for winter weather travel.