Cat on a plane

For Customers - Pet Shipping - 30 April 2020

How to ship a cat by air and how much does it costs?

Looking for a reliable pet transportation agency to ship your pet cat overseas? It happens quite often that due to certain financial or logistic reasons, you may not be able to travel together with your feline. So, in this article […]

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cat transportation service

For Customers - Pet Shipping - Pets - 27 April 2019

Cat Shipping: What to Look for in a Driver

Transporting a cat across the country can sometimes feel like… well, like herding cats. Those who’ve faced difficulty driving their feline friends around often choose to rely on cat shipping services instead. But that presents […]

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Courier Jobs - Hot Shot - In The News - Pets - 20 January 2015

Tips for Transporting Your Cat

Cats can be joyful pets – their companionship and loyalty know no bounds. When having them shipped, you want the best care possible for your furry friend. Many owners consider their cats as their “babies” and should be t […]

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