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Crates and Freight Shipping | CitizenShipper

A crate is a large shipping box, usually made of wood. It serves for shipping heavy items made of different materials, as well as fragile items. Unlike cardboard boxes that can easily dent, crates provide high protection for your precious goods. Freight is the transportation of goods in bulk. Any shipment over 150 lbs is

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What are the Basics of Cargo Insurance?

Shipping veterans know that when you’re sending freight long distances there is a chance that issues will arise and negatively impact the delivery. Natural disasters and vehicle accidents are just two reasons why having the correct type of cargo insurance is extremely important.

For Customers » Freight Shipping · Updated January 16, 2024

What is Residential Freight Delivery & How it Works? | Citizenshipper

The transportation industry sometimes seems to have a knack for needlessly complicating things. We come up with terms that confuse the customers, then cling onto them thinking it makes us sound official and serious. One such term is residential freight delivery. You may have seen it abbreviated as RFD on shipping sites, and wondered what