For Customers - Pet Shipping - 14 March

Which Dog Breeds Are Allowed on Airlines?

Are you thinking of taking your beloved pet with you on your next trip? Flying with a pet can be a stressful and challenging experience, with many airlines having strict regulations on the types of pets they will allow onboard. To […]

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For Customers - Pet Shipping - 27 December 2021

How to Ship a Puppy Through a Breeder

After spending significant time researching dog breeds and breeders, you’re ready to make a big decision and buy a puppy. If you’re like many dog owners, you’ll purchase the puppy from a breeder in another state. You’r […]

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Tow little puppies staring up

For Customers - Pets - 17 August 2021

How to Find the Right Dog Breeder

Congratulations! You chose to buy a new pet who will no doubt become a cherished member of your family. You have probably already spent many, many hours choosing the right breed for your individual needs. And now you are ready to […]

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A family with 3 kids taking a good care of their dog

For Customers - Pets - 11 August 2021

Dogs Making a Difference for Your Family

Choosing the right breed for your family can be a tough decision as there are many great dog breeds out there. What makes the perfect family dog? Are there breeds which are especially great for families? The choice for the right f […]

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