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How to choose a car transporter?

There are many reasons why you may need to transport a car. Perhaps you brought one from an auction in another state; you need to move a car that can’t be driven or you are moving house too far away to drive. In any case, you must find a reliable transporter that can move your

For Customers » Vehicle Shipping · Updated January 17, 2024

How Are Cars Transported to Dealers?

Millions of cars are shipped every year throughout the U.S. In 2020, the auto industry sold approximately 14.5 million light vehicle units – 3.4 million cars and more than 11 million light trucks. In 2020 there were 18,260 dealers across the U.S. selling these light vehicles. These dealers create 1.9 million jobs across the whole

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What is Door-to-Door Car Transportation? How to Prepare your car for it? | CitizenShipper

  Door-to-door car transportation service means that your car will be picked up right in front of your door (or very close to it), and delivered to the door of its destination. This is quite unlike terminal-to-terminal car shipping service, where you need to deliver your car to a terminal, from where your car is

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Do I Need Insurance for Shipping My Car? Everything You Need to Know About it

Do you need it? No. But should you get it? probably. It depends on the moving company, but it’s essential to check carefully the possible damages their insurance covers and consider on this basis if you buy additional insurance for the transport. Damage during car transport is rare, but it’s still important to be protected

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5 Best Car Shipping Companies: Top Services Reviewed

Car shipping is a big American business. The demand is huge (17 million new cars in 2019 – just new cars!) and there are dozens of companies and services vying to be the best car shipping company. So much choice can be daunting. Some are cheap, some are highly reviewed, some specialize in certain vehicles,

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Can you make money transporting cars? | Citizenshipper

You bet! If you want to make money transporting cars, you probably have an idea of how you’d like to work. You have skills, equipment and a schedule, and you don’t mind driving long distances. You’re a stickler for being on time and you know how to treat a vehicle with care. Ringing any bells?

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Is it worth shipping a car? Everything You Need to Know

People hire independent transporters for all sorts of stuff, in a variety of circumstances. When moving house, you need people to haul all your stuff to your new digs. When an airline won’t let your dog board a plane, you book a driver instead.  But when it comes to shipping vehicles, well, you might be

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How cars are shipped?: A Brief Overview by Citizenshipper

There are countless ways of getting a car to its destination. From the most obvious one, such as simply driving it there in person… To the more exotic ones such as air-dropping a humvee from a plane or launching a roadster into orbit. But let’s focus on the more mundane ways of moving cars, shall

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How much do car haulers charge per car? | CitizenShipper

Tens of millions of cars are transported across the U.S. every year, so car haulers have a pretty established costing system when they offer quotes. Car haulers are always in demand since there are plenty of reasons why people choose to ship a car. A few of those reasons are: Luxury or vintage vehicles to

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[Price Calculator Inside] How much does it cost to ship a car?

You are moving from New York to Los Angeles, but you don’t have the time or energy to drive with your car and now you are wondering about how you could transport it otherwise? Then you are probably asking yourself what the cheapest way to ship a car might be. To ship a car seems