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Explaining the Seven AKC Dog Breed Groups: Hound Group Dogs

For new dog owners, choosing the right breed may feel overwhelming. The American Kennel Club officially recognizes nearly 200 breeds — so there’s plenty of choices! Narrowing your search to just one dog group may make choosing your new best friend a little bit easier. If you’re an established breeder, it’s helpful to develop your

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Vaccine Schedule for Puppies and Dogs

When you bring home a new dog one of the first things on your to-do list is scheduling vaccinations. Giving a dog shots right out of the gate may not seem like the best way to build a trusting relationship. However, adhering to a dog vaccination schedule is an important first step in pet ownership.

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Helpful Tips for USDA Licensing 

You’re an animal lover with a passion for dogs and a desire to develop your own breeding business. But before you can get started, you need to ensure your business complies with the Animal Welfare Act and has the appropriate USDA license or registration. Failure to comply with this federal law can result in hefty

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The Best Dog YouTube Channels for Canine Lovers

We recently discussed our favorite dog-centric podcasts, but some people are visual learners. Whether you need advice on dog training or healthcare, running a breeding business or just want to watch some cute puppies frolic around, YouTube is a valuable resource. There are thousands of dog YouTube channels but unfortunately, a massive amount of them

Roadside assistance and private pet transportation services.

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5 Best Podcasts for Breeders and Dog Lovers

Don’t you love it when technology makes our jobs and lives easier? From online dog libraries to breeder-focused mobile apps, every year there’s new tech you can use to improve your breeding business. 

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July 4th Fireworks Safety Tips for Dogs

There’s no other American holiday quite like the 4th of July — warm weather, cookouts, hanging by the pool, patriotic festivals and of course, firework displays. Unfortunately, while us humans are having a great time, some of our furry friends feel as if they’re in the middle of World War III. Shelter populations surge in

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Where Do Breeders Find Customers Online?

Dog ownership is one of life’s greatest joys. You know this — after all, you’ve started a business with the hope of placing puppies in fellow dog lovers’ forever homes. 

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10 Products to Beat the Heat During the Dog Days of Summer 2024

The days are getting longer and the temperatures are rising — yep, it’s summertime again! For pet lovers, this sweltering season opens up an endless number of activities. On the other hand, it’s a challenge to keep your furry buddies cool, properly hydrated and safe from the sun’s UV rays. Luckily, there are hundreds of

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What To Expect During a Puppy’s First 12 Weeks of Life

Raising a puppy is one of life’s most rewarding — and challenging — experiences. You’ll be in love from the moment the roly-poly newborns emerge from their mother to the day they each arrive at their forever home and beyond. In order to raise a happy, healthy and well-adjusted dog, it’s extremely important for the