Jeep towing boat on a trailer

Boat Shippping - For Drivers - 28 December 2020

Hauling boats for money: How to become a boat hauler?

Even when COVID-19 was slowing the economy down, the NMMA (National Marine Manufacturers Association) reports that 2020 was a historic year for retail boat sales. In a vivid and rising boat industry, boat hauling has the potential […]

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How to Transport your yacht cross country?

Boat Shippping - For Customers - 08 June 2020

How to transport your yacht cross country?

Some people own yachts just to cruise around the bay. Dip their toes in the blue and be home in time for supper. Others dream of the azure Pacific east of Miami, or chasing striped marlins off the Baja peninsula, or sailing out in […]

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How to find Boat Transport Jobs?

Boat Shippping - For Drivers - 05 June 2020

How to find Boat Transport Jobs? | Citizenshipper

Boating is big business. The US Recreational Boating Industry has seen eight years of continuous growth with no signs of slowing. With nearly twelve million registered boats in the US, drivers can turn a solid profit by catering t […]

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Boat Shippping - For Customers - 14 August 2019

Boat shipping do’s and don’ts for this summer

The boating season is still in full swing, but sooner or later owners will start thinking about winter storage. With that in mind, we bring you advice on getting your boat where it needs to be, safe and sound. Here’s half a doze […]

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