A horse tied to a trailer behind a truck

Animal Transport - For Shippers - 28 July

How to choose a horse transporter?

Whether you need to move a horse to get it to a race, for agricultural purposes, or for pleasure, it’s critical you take the time to choose a professional and experienced transporter who will care for and respect your animal. Th […]

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A white dog at the back of a car

For Transporters - Pet Shipping - 10 June 2020

How much do dog transporters make? | CitizenShipper

With the gig economy being what it is, more and more people are looking into pet transportation jobs. We get tons of driver-curious people asking questions every month, and what interests them the most are potential earnings. How […]

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A relaxed passenger enjoys some shut-eye while being transported.

Apartment Moves - Cheap Shipping - For Shippers - For Transporters - Household Items - Pets - Trucking Jobs - 14 January 2019

Cherisse’s pet transportation venture adds up to a growing opportunity

With her background in accountancy, including working for some major companies, Cherisse Lewis took some time to make sure that the numbers all added up before taking the plunge and starting work in pet transportation through Citi […]

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Dog Relax Sleep Relaxation Nose Head Tired Close

Animal Transport - For Transporters - Pet Shipping - 28 February 2018

What do I need to become a USDA certified pet transporter?

“Ensuring proper animal care and comfort is not just good business—it is also required by law.” This wording is used to introduce the U.S. government’s basic guidance document on the provisions for licensing and registerin […]

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For Transporters - Pet Shipping - Pets - 09 February 2018

What do I need to become a pet transporter?

If you love animals and providing them with care, have you ever considered a career involving transporting them?
As people have become increasingly mobile, moving around widely for their work, so a thriving new business sector ha […]

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Animal Shipping Made (extremely) Simple

Pets - 17 November 2009

Animal Shipping Made (extremely) Simple

Click here to locate CHEAP and Reliable Animal Transporters NOW! Animal shipping is a common situation these days that arises due to various reasons. Shipping is either within the same country or can be overseas. Thus, whenever y […]

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