Dachshund, airline ticket.

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10 Alternatives to American Airlines Pet Cargo [Pros & Cons]

Pets are more than just animals – they are beloved members of the family. That’s why it can be stressful and heart-wrenching to leave them behind when traveling. If you’re planning a trip and need to transport your furry friend as cargo, you might be considering American Airlines. However, there are other options out there

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An Alternative to Horse Trailer Rental

Horses are majestic creatures. They’re the quintessential animals that humans love to feature in movies, television shows and novels. They’re trusted, intelligent animals people rely on. When it comes to transporting horses though, things can get a little overwhelming — especially if you need to consider a horse trailer rental.


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Alternatives to Air Animal: Best Pet Shipping Companies in the USA

No matter the reason, transporting a pet long distances is stressful. You may be a breeder with customers thousands of miles away or make a big cross-country move and can’t personally take the family cat along for the ride. When it comes time to hire a pet transportation service, it’s important to research which company


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Alternatives to Happy Tails Travel: Identifying the Best Pet Shipping Service for Your Needs

There are many circumstances that require transporting an animal, like breeders delivering a puppy to out-of-state clients or a family sending their cat to a distant new home. No matter the reason, it’s a stressful process; you love your animals like family and demand only the best for them. Whether you’re shipping dogs by air

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10 Alternatives to Royal Paws Pet Transportation

Shipping your beloved pets can be a stressful situation, especially if it’s your first time. You love your animals like family, so putting your trust in a business you’ve never used before is worrisome, to say the least. The good news is there are many reputable pet shipping companies to choose from, each with advantages

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8 Alternatives to Blue Collar Pet Transport

Whether you’re moving across the country, just bought a new puppy from an out-of-state breeder, or are planning a long vacation, there are times you need to hire a pet shipping company. Pets are like family members; you don’t want them to be treated like a piece of cargo during long-distance trips. So, naturally, you


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What Are the Safest Alternatives to Air Pet Travel? Full Guide

Looking for alternatives to air pet travel? Many pet owners regard the thought of their four-legged friends traveling in the cargo of a plane as pretty scary. The U.S. Department of Transportation published in 2019 that 404,556 animals were transported by airlines. Only 11 of these pets died. While these low numbers show that air


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5 Alternatives to uShip [Pros & Cons]

Transporting a pet, a piece of large and bulky furniture, or simply moving house usually requires hiring a shipping or moving company. A quick Google search shows that there is an incredible variety of businesses that help you move things, from motorcycle transporters to boat shipping companies! One high-ranking search result is uShip — a


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Are There Cheaper Alternatives to U-Haul? | CitizenShipper

If you’re planning a move, you’re probably wondering if there are cheaper alternatives to U-Haul trucks or cargo trailers. Their rates are usually decent, in-town, one-way, or round-trip. But when the destination is halfway across the country, those rental rates increase sharply. So is there a cheaper alternative to U-Haul? There could be quite a

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10 Best Pet Transport Services in 2023

We love our pets; it’s as simple as that. This love may prompt you to transport your pet when you’re moving to a new home or even going on a trip. Thankfully, there are many pet transport services available that transport animals domestically and internationally. However, it can be tough to discern which are the