Shipping Large and Bulky Toys in Time for Christmas

CitizenShipper CitizenShipper · Updated: July 7, 2023 / Published: January 5, 2010

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Christmas is the time to celebrate by giving. The deeper the bond, the more the heart wishes to give. Since childhood and its innocence are the greatest revelers in this Festival of Love and Lights – the children are receivers of the maximum number of gifts. While the superior “technology” of Santa Clause has always permitted him to pack even the most unwieldy gifts in his sack, Mr. Clause seems to have only recently realized that shipping large and bulky toys in time for Christmas are best left to professionals. Nowadays parents leave no stones unturned to see their little princes and princesses happy. If that means buying them Christmas gifts like battery powered cars and motorcycles for their preteen to teenage young guns and life size dolls’ houses and Wendy houses for their young princesses – they seem quite game for it – provided they can afford the space and the dollars. Even toddlers, the apples of their parent’s eye, get gifts like see-saws, swings, slides, play tunnels etc. These are usually pretty large and bulky toys and when the father living in Idaho wants to send one to his “little sweetheart” in Tennessee, it can seem a daunting task, right? Well, yes, and no! It all depends on his choice of transporter.

Although most transporters actually dismantle and wrap all shipped materials themselves, it is infinitely better to wrap the gift and provide it enough cover to survive the trip by road. It allows the gift to be personalized even in its packing. Toys shipping across US have been done in various ways the most important being through peer-to peer shipping. But there are some preparations required. The first being in the packing. For toys like see-saws, slides and swings, the parts which can move and be detached, should be separated from the main frame. Each component should be ideally wrapped in bubble sheets, covered in corrugated craft paper or cardboard. Then it should be put into a crate which should be packed with fillers like polystyrene “peanuts”. For other toys similar process may be observed. The individual components of each playhouse may be cleaned and packed in double sheets of bubble wrap and then taped and palletized for shipping. The filling up may be done by the same products.

But while looking for such a gift, it is imperative to find a shipper who knows his business inside out and can accommodate the delivery of the parcel even in these busy times. Peer to peer shipping not only offers a cheap and effective alternative to the regular modes, but its eco-friendly too. Peer to peer shipping firms unite people who are in need of toys shipping with drivers who are going in that same direction. Instead of spending heavy fees for toys shipping costs, people bargain shipping costs depending on each individual case. This is a complete win-win proposal where the drivers earn some extra cash, while the gifts are delivered within time at the lowest possible rate. The method is also eco-friendly because it burns lesser fossil fuel, which means lesser amount of dangerous emissions. So this Christmas, gift your loved ones their desired presents and wrap it in green!