Shipping Different Doors

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Doors are important parts of the identity of a house and often the first signs that signify “home” to people living behind it. So it is quite understandable if while moving from your ancestral hearth you wish to haul the Burma teak door to your new home. But if you’re worried about door shipping from Kansas to Minnesota, don’t be – there are many carriers and transporters who would transport your precious “door” to its new destination in mint fresh condition.

 Whether you have a wooden paneled door, a flush door or a French Door or window as they are called, for calculating door shipping charges you will have to first know its exact measurements and the weight of the material per square feet. It is however easy to understand that hollow metal doors, hollow core doors, solid core doors and mineral core ones all will have different weights. Oak doors and Birch doors have been found to have the highest poundage per square feet. Moulded doors again have totally different weightage criteria.

 But the most heavyweight of all doors are the vault doors which are prepared from solid steel for both private and corporate use. These steel doors are capable of withstanding great pressure but nevertheless present a challenge while door shipping.

 Preparing your wooden doors for shipping require careful consideration. The door has to be first unhinged, cleaned and buffed if possible. Then it is best to crate it or better still to use corrugated cardboard. After taping the package with Nylon reinforced filament tape, you can allow it to be loaded. However for other doors it is best to use proper sized crates. It is in the best interests of the owners not to scrimp on this count.

 While choosing a transporter for your door shipping needs, look for someone with proper insurance coverage, experience in transporting doors and detailed safety procedures in place. If the door shipping is not going to be for a longer distance you can opt for an open trailer, provided you’ve packed your door well. However in cases where the door might have some antique value, is high priced or has sentimental attachment with the owner, it is preferable to use a closed container trailer or pickup.

 If you want economical, efficient and prompt door shipping, look for peer to peer shipping. The carriers are mostly private people with proper vehicles for such deliveries. They are verified by the online peer to peer websites which act as a go between drivers and people in need of shipping things. There is also a third party insurance coverage, which takes care of all damages in transit door shipping. These drivers can provide such economy in transportation because they do not have to deviate from their own routes to make such deliveries and earning some extra bucks. It is also a highly environment friendly way of shipping as it uses no extra fossil fuel for the delivery, making it a clean, “green”, safe and economical proposition.