Everything you need to know about Shipping Bikes

CitizenShipper CitizenShipper · Updated January 16, 2024

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Shipping bikes trans-US is a remarkably straightforward and affordable procedure, provided you find a reputed and experienced motorcycle shipping company. You can find a plethora of these motorbike shipping companies online. Most of these motorbike shipping companies offer comprehensive motorbike shipping solutions. From luxury Yamaha shipping to shipping of dirt bikes, even shipping scooters all are handled efficiently by these bike shipping firms.

These firms not only offer door-to-door motorbike shipping but also handle all the paper work on the behalf of their clients, while also addressing their insurance concerns. These companies ensure that their customers never lose any sleep while shipping bikes across the country.

They utilize a pick-up system which allows the bikes to be collected from the most suitable and appropriate point for the sender as long as that address can accommodate an 18-wheeler trailer and, in addition, the delivery system also works under the same conditions. The delivery drivers are experts at unloading and checking out the shipments for the owners at the point of delivery. They even try and make it convenient for the owners to receive their bikes by calling up in advance and providing them a timeframe of delivery. Most motorbike shipping companies offer about a week to 2 weeks delivery delay depending upon the location of delivery.

Despite the fact that full value coverage for shipping bikes may not always be available, almost all motor shipping companies provide for in-transit insurance. Invariably, it is the responsibility of the clients to check for special requirements in coverage and the coverage limit provided. Extra coverage for exorbitantly priced bikes can also provided by these companies, otherwise they can and generally do refer you to alternative third party insurers.

All well known motorbike shipping companies usually take care of the paper work essential for clearing and forwarding their goods. In case of international shipping you would be lumbered with the task of hiring a customs broker recommended by the shippers who will take care of all your necessary papers. The peace of mind you gain knowing you have knowledgeable professionals to help you get your motorcycle to its destination in a problem free manner is most certainly worth those few extra dollars.

You will also not lose sleep over the unforeseen delays as you can track your consignments, in real time, throughout its journey by logging onto the web sites of these motorbike transport companies.

However, it is imperative that certain preparations are made for the bikes to be ready to be transported in an efficient manner. The motorcycles should be first checked for pre-existing blemishes, scratches, tarnishes and impairments and these should all be documented so as to avoid insurance claim problems later. The bike should also be thoroughly cleaned and any small cosmetic or mechanical damages must be noted and pictures of the bike taken. All records should be dated and displayed to the movers when they arrive. All loose items must be removed from your motorcycle as the motorbike transport company is not responsible for them and no insurance claim for them will be entertained. Tires must be adequately inflated, batteries charged, all fluid leaks must be checked and fixed and gas tank should be at least filled to a quarter of its capacity. All mechanical problems should be fixed and all special instructions written down.

Motorcycle shipping companies can help you have a hassle-free successful move of your motorcycle provided that you follow the above suggestions.